Disclaimer: Paramount owns everything except my Spock bear.  This story is copyright (c) 2004 by Mrs.  Spock.  Rated G.


Your Captain Needs You, Mr. Spock

Mrs. Spock


The beach was gorgeous, with golden sands and gentle, shimmering waves.  Captain Kirk removed his boots, flinging them in abandon and letting his toes lead him to their squelchy delight at water's edge.


Twenty minutes later, Spock sprinted to his captain's side, desperate to reach him after Kirk's urgent summons: "I need you, Spock!"


A thousand terrible scenarios raced through Spock's mind -- bottomless holes, monsters...  Jim and danger met frequently.


He found his friend standing below a ledge, reaching uselessly for... his boot.




"Spock! Thank God, my... tall friend."  He pointed to the boot.  "Think you can reach it?"