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A Revel in Time


The sound of hammering and drilling hid the whine of the transporter beam as the couple materialized in what they had thought would be an empty corridor in a hotel in Houston, Texas. Instead, they were greeted by the sight of mattresses stacked up against the walls, various pieces of furniture, and wheeled carts filled with debris.

"ACHOO!" Christine Chapel sneezed violently as the dust in the air tickled her nose. The man beside her calmly took a handkerchief out of his pocket and gave it to her so that she could blow her nose. She nodded her gratitude.

"Well, isn't THIS nice," she murmured, looking around her disgustedly. "You seem to have miscalculated, Mr. Spock. It looks as if we've walked right into a remodeling job."

"These are the proper coordinates given to us by Star Fleet," the Vulcan noted stiffly, his voice radiating his disapproval of the situation. He was wearing an off-white robe with a headband of similar material wrapped around his head to hide his pointed ears. And the dark-haired woman standing beside him was dressed in navy blue jeans and a black sweatshirt with the words "Vulcans Do It Logically" stenciled across the front, outfits that they had been assured by the Enterprise's history department would be perfectly acceptable in this time and place.

"Well, let's just hope it's not that way all over," the woman said as the two walked towards an elevator. Inside the slow moving elevator, they looked around bemusedly as various people boarded the elevator. Most people were dressed in casual clothes. Many of them had badges on them with their names written on them. Spock was looking for a particular set of people, whom he hadn't seen yet.

"Are you sure your friends are going to be here?" Christine asked, noticing that Spock seemed to be a little perturbed.

"I am certain," he stated positively. "They would not miss an opportunity to get together and discuss ... certain topics, which they find fascinating."

"And what topics would those be, pray tell?" Christine asked. She still wondered what had happened the time that Spock had mysteriously disappeared from the Enterprise for two hours some time back. All she ever got out of him was that he'd found himself in the twentieth century and met a group of interesting women.

By this time, the elevator had reached the ground floor and people started filing out. They followed the group to a large room with a sign posted on one of the doors: "Welcome to Revelcon!"

They went through the doors and up to a large table, which had a sign that said "Register Here". They stood patiently in line behind a woman dressed in what looked like a Klingon warrior outfit. Finally, it was their turn.

"I believe we have two tickets paid for by Lincoln Enterprises," Spock told the woman at the desk. The woman looked at her list. "Oh, yes, Spock and Christine Smith. Here you are," and she handed them two tags so that they could write their names on them. "By the way, that's a nice costume," the woman grinned. "Star Trek IV was my favorite movie, too. Who did your eyebrows? Do you have the ears, too?"

Spock nodded, not quite sure what to say. Christine tried not to look puzzled as the woman stared admiringly at her companion. Why didn't the woman find Spock's appearance strange? It had been one of the things that had been bothering her, even though the ship's historians had assured her that at where they were going, no one would find Spock's appearance unusual.

They stepped aside for the next person, and Christine accepted the nametag from Spock. She pinned it on to her shirt, as she took a look around the large room. There were various tables set up, most of which seemed to be displaying various articles such as books, magazines, pictures and figurines. There was one table that contained an assortment of weapons: knives, swords and other items. Spock raised an eyebrow at that one. They decided to walk around the room and look around, since he hadn't seen any of his friends yet.

Christine was finally able to get a close-up look at what was being sold. She picked up a fan magazine (fanzines, she recalled from the briefing) and blushed as she saw the picture of two men joined in a compromising position. She hastily put the cover down, and noted that it said STAR WARS on the cover. There was more material of that nature, dealing with various "fandoms" as they were called, and most seemed to involve members of the same sex. She had all she could do not to gasp when she picked one up and saw a picture of Spock and Jim Kirk locked in close embrace. Spock turned to look at her as she made a small noise. He looked down and saw the magazine she was holding in her hands.

"It is called slash," he told her. "It really is nothing worse than what we saw on Angoria VII."

"Yes, but…um…I didn't know any of the people in the illustrations on Angoria VII."

"And you do not know the people in THIS fanzine either," he told her. "They are fictional creations, nothing more."

"Here you are," a woman's voice interrupted him. He turned to see a short Hispanic woman handing something to the young man who had just finished setting up his weapons display. "Just like you ordered, nice and cold."

The young man thanked her, took the bottle of water from her, and then went back to looking at his display.

"What you think?" he asked her. She nodded her head in approval.

"Nice," she said. "We should do well here, I think. I've already had some inquiries."

Spock frowned. The lady looked familiar, but given the way she had reacted last time they met, he might do well not to reveal himself to her just yet. It was too late. She stepped back to take another look at the display and bumped right into him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she cried, turning to look at him and swallowed her gasp of amazement as her eyes widened in shock behind her glasses. Then, she grinned.

"Well, guess I won the pool," she giggled. "We were betting you'd show up again!"

Spock raised an eyebrow.

"Indeed? And what was the prize?"

"It was supposed to be a date with you, but I guess that's out of the question, now, isn't it?" she looked at Christine and held out her hand. Christine took it, feeling very strange.

"Hi, I'm Maria. You must be Christine. So nice to finally meet you!"

Spock's lips curled up in a small smile. Christine looked at him through narrowed eyes.

"Well, you seem to have the advantage of me," Christine said.

Maria looked surprised. "You mean Spock hasn't told you about the Libidinous Ladies of the Spock and Christine Mailing List?"

Christine's mouth dropped open in shock and her eyebrows rose until they disappeared beneath her bangs.

"The what of the what list?" she gasped.

"The Libidinous Ladies of the Spock and Christine Mailing List," Maria said, wondering if she'd put her foot in her mouth. Spock was beginning to look distinctly uncomfortable and Christine was beginning to look distinctly mad.

"Oh, look, Cheree and Ronda just got here. Why don't we wait until they've finished setting up Cheree's display and then we'll all go upstairs and explain everything?"

Christine agreed, not that she had a choice in the matter. Apparently, these were the people with whom Spock had inadvertently left his communicator, and another more personal item with, the time that he'd accidentally beamed down to the twentieth century. At last, the mystery was about to be cleared up.

* * *

Christine sat on the corner of a bed, while Spock sat on a comfortable armchair. The quarters this time weren't as luxurious as the ones that he'd been in the first time. The ladies explained that the convention was usually held in this hotel and therefore there wasn't much choice in accommodations.

Christine was more interested in reading a fanzine with a brightly colored cover. The fanzine was called "Vulcan Sands/Terran Skies"…and she found herself highly absorbed in the stories. Like Spock, she realized that what had actually occurred in the course of their relationships was quite tame compared to the stories. But she couldn't help enjoying the way that their romance was portrayed and wondering if she could actually get him to do some of the things that had been written about them.

Spock, in the meantime, was enjoying watching some of his favorite DVD's about the fictional adventures of the Enterprise crew. It was Saturday night. The ladies of the list were planning on going to dinner. Christine had told them about Spock's missing communicator and they had promised to keep their eyes and ears open. Cheree remembered seeing it on the counter before they had separated after the Labor Day retreat, but hadn't seen it since, and the other ladies thought that Spock had it when he left. But, it might show up in someone's display.

As the door closed behind them, Christine tossed the fanzine aside that she had been reading and gave Spock her best "come hither" look.

Spock raised an eyebrow but stood up and approached the bed after making sure the door was locked. The libidinous ladies probably wouldn't be back for a couple of hours…

The ladies were on their way back from dinner talking and laughing when the fire alarm went off. They headed outside, worried about their guests in the hotel room upstairs, and one of them tried to call the hotel room on their cell phone to warn their guests, but they never answered the phone. There was a brief discussion about whether or not they should go rescue them when the alarm stopped and the guests were allowed to go back to their rooms.

The ladies of the list rushed forward, anxious about their newfound friends. Cheryl went in front, as she was the trained nurse in the group and was already mentally preparing for what she might find in the room. When they got there, the first thing they smelled was the incense that had been left burning on top of the television ... and then they noticed the rumpled bedclothes. It was obvious that there had been a lot of activity going on ... but where were their guests? It was Polly who found the note on top of the DVD player. She read it out loud:

"Dear Ladies of the List,

"Thank you for you kindness. It was a pleasure meeting you all. We have had the most marvelous time. Your creativity is simply amazing! As you can see, we were somewhat inspired by reading your wonderful stories. Sorry about the false alarm. We thought it best to leave before we were discovered. Our communicator has been located by one of our agents. However, if any of you ladies knows where a pair of men's underwear with the IDIC symbol all over them is, please return them to Lincoln Enterprises. No questions will be asked. Again, thanks for a wonderful time and keep on writing!

Sincerely, Christine Chapel Spock"

The ladies of the list looked at each other, and then looked at the bed. For a moment, no one knew quite what to say. Then Ronda broke the stunned silence.

"Anybody want a Peep?" she asked, her face beaming.

"NO!" they shouted back in chorus, and as they rushed to hide the Peeps from Ronda, they reflected that tomorrow which was the last day of the con was going to be anticlimactic after this eventful day. And so it was.

The End