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Payback's a Bitch
by Labor Day Weekend Ladies

Christine and Nyota were walking back to their quarters. Neither woman was happy with the Platonians getting off so easily.

"I can't believe Kirk and Spock aren't going to do anything else to Parmen and the rest after what they did to us," fumed Christine.

"I know," snapped Nyota. "I don't think we should let them get away with it."

Christine looked at the tricorder in her hand and smiled with satisfaction. "The Kironide worked for Kirk and Spock, so if we take double the levels they did, we can really kick butt."

"I agree, let's do it!! Obviously, the 'boys' weren't men enough to take care of business. So I guess it's up to us," said Uhura.

Christine looked at her attire. "Well, we can't go down in these, and I don't think uniforms will do either. This is personal …They made it personal …and I think we need to respond personally."

"I agree, how about the leather outfits we picked up on Risa in that Fetish shop?" asked Uhura.

Christine grinned evilly, "Excellent choice, we'll make sure we take our whips. Let's change in the leathers and then we'll meet in Lab 4 in fifteen minutes. I'll have the kironide ready."

Nyota smiled with satisfaction, "I know we won't leave orbit for at least five hours, that should be plenty of time to teach them a lesson they will never forget."

Fifteen minutes later, Nyota joined Christine in Lab 4. They were dressed in tight black leather catsuits. Nyota wore spike heels and a spiked collar. Christine short tight boots with spikes on the toes. Both of them held black leather whips tipped with lead.

Wordlessly, Christine injected Nyota and then herself. Nodding to each other, they walked out of the lab and to the nearest transporter room. Just before they reached the transporter room, the crewman in charge received a message to report to the Main Transporter Room.

Nyota had planned well.

In minutes the women were down on the planet. As they strode purposefully down the hall, they could hear confused and frightened voices. They grinned at other.

Nyota said, "They sound a little scared, don't they?"

"They only think they're scared now…Wait till we get through with them," snarled Christine.

* * *

Uhura and Christine paused before they got to the main courtyard which had been the scene of their torture not too long ago. From the sounds of music that were coming from that direction, it was obvious that Parmen had called upon the court musicians to play some music to soothe the frayed tempers of his fellow Platonians. But it seemed that they did not want soothing, as the Enterprise ladies heard Parmen’s wife, Falana, calling him a coward for giving in too easily to Captain Kirk and letting him take away their own personal physician, Doctor McCoy. It seemed from the conversation, that Parmen was beginning to have second thoughts.

Christine and Uhura exchanged glances. Almost as if they could read each other’s minds, they knew what they would do next. Christine slyly planted a thought in the Chief Musician’s mind suggesting he play a very sexy tune. The Chief Musician readily complied, and within a heartbeat, the sound of a very seductive melody could be heard coming down the hall.

In the meantime, Uhura easily infiltrated Falana’s mind and compelled her to stop berating Parmen and walk to the center of the atrium. While the rest of the Platonians watched in open-mouthed astonishment, Falana began to sway seductively to the music. She then proceeded to do a slow and sexy strip tease, removing each article of her garments one piece at a time. It wasn’t long before the men were cheering her on, and the women were screaming in outrage. Parmen was too shocked to move. He had thought that Kirk and Spock had gone back to the Enterprise but it seemed that they were back with a vengeance. He started to get up a couple of times, but he was ruthlessly pushed back into his chair by an unknown force.

Falana was blushing furiously, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself from taking off her clothes, no matter how hard she tried to resist the impulse. She posed seductively, showing off her breasts for all the men to admire, but then, suddenly, whoever was controlling her stopped ... just before she would have removed her panties. Falana blushed furiously as she heard Uhura say in her mind: “Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it, toots? How does it feel to be on the receiving end for a change?”

Falana quickly grabbed her clothes and rushed out of the room in tears, accompanied by the cheers and jeers of her fellow Platonians. But Christine and Uhura were not through wrecking their vengeance yet ... not by a long shot. They remembered two women in particular who had really enjoyed watching them being humiliated ... indeed these two women had been the loudest to egg Parmen on. They were a tall thin brunette lady with a beaky nose and squinty eyes and a short skinny blonde woman with bulging blue eyes and buck teeth.  Uhura and Christine had something special planned for those two.

The two ladies in question found themselves also thrust into the limelight, as Christine and Uhura forced them to sing the lyrics of a song from an old Terran musical called “Flower Drum Song”.

The two ladies quickly found themselves singing “I Enjoy Being A Girl” as the crowd cheered and egged them on while they sang about flipping when a fellow sends them flowers and drooling over dresses made of lace ... and posing appropriately while they did so.

Christine and Uhura made their entrance as soon as the ladies left, also running out of the hall thoroughly humiliated. They marched straight up to Parmen and flicked their whips at him, looking him coldly in the eye.

“That was for the humiliation you and your wife and all the rest of these scumbags put us through,” snarled Christine.

“And don’t think we don’t know that you’re thinking of changing your mind and trying to get Dr. McCoy back, either, “snarled Uhura. “But we warn you ... don’t even try it, Mister ... or we’ll be back!”

Parmen looked at the two magnificent leather clad women in front of him and literally fell in love with them.

“Promise?” he asked hopefully.

Christine and Uhura just looked at him in disgust and left the room. Uhura called for a beam up, and as they energized in the transporter room, they found Kirk and Spock waiting for them. Spock’s eyebrows went way up as he saw what both ladies were wearing, but he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from Christine in particular.

Kirk maintained a professional veneer as he asked Uhura, “Would you mind explaining what you two were doing down on the planet in that get-up?”

Uhura smiled slightly. “We were just tying up some loose ends, you might say, Captain.”

Christine nodded. “You might say we had to remind Parmen of just why it wasn’t a good idea for him to try to get Dr. McCoy back, like he was planning to ... until we got there.”

Kirk shook his head bemusedly. “I don’t know what you ladies were up to down there, and I’m not sure I want to know. But whatever it was, Parmen has called up to pledge his cooperation and undying loyalty to the Federation. And he made it a special point to say that the Enterprise was welcomed back anytime ... especially you two.”

Christine and Uhura just laughed and shook their heads. As they walked away on their way back to their quarters, Christine couldn’t resist flicking her whip briefly at Spock, and winking at him on her way out the door.  He simply stood there with his mouth open. For once, he could think of nothing to say ... but his dreams were haunted by her that night ... and for many nights to come.

The End