DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of Momthing and is copyright (c) 2000 by Momthing. This story is Rated PG. "I Loved Him, But He Didn't Love Me", words and music by Cole Porter. I heard this song and immediately thought of Spock and Christine. Hope y'all enjoy this one!

Happily Ever After


"I Loved Him, But He Didn't Love Me" (Cole Porter)

The gods who nurse this universe think little of mortal cares.

They sit in crowds on exclusive clouds and laugh at our love affairs.

I might have had a real romance, if they'd given me a chance...


I loved him, but he didn't love me.

I wanted him, but he didn't want me.

Then the gods had a spree and indulged in another whim.

Now he loves me, but I don't love him.

"Stonn, she is yours. After a while, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true."

Spock to Stonn in "Amok Time"

Christine Chapel walked through the front door of her condominium and thought the place had been hit by a hurricane. There was debris everywhere, or at least evidence that someone had been having a VERY good time in her absence. She put down her suitcase and sighed wearily. Apparently, her husband had invited the boys over while she was gone.

*You would have thought he'd at least cleaned up the mess before I came home,* she thought in irritation. She and Spock had been married for five years. Today was, in fact, their fifth wedding anniversary. All the way home from her medical conference in Toronto, she'd thought about what they might do tonight to commemorate their wedding anniversary. Cleaning up after one of her husband's little shindigs wasn't a part of her plans.

She picked up her suitcase and headed for the bedroom. She didn't bother to unpack as she changed out of her uniform and into some old clothes, then headed back to the living room to clean up the mess. *Honestly*, Christine thought, *for someone who was always so neat, Spock can be such a pig!* But then, she reflected, wryly, it was her own fault. Right after their honeymoon, she'd taken some time off and basically played the role of "the little woman", being very domestic and cleaning up after him and having his meals ready on time. He'd gotten used to that and began to take it for granted ... a fact that Christine began to regret the minute she went back to work, as he expected *her* to maintain the status quo.

"Ah, my wife, good, you have returned." Christine looked up, irritated, as she shoved the last empty pizza box into the recycler, to see her husband walk in with his arms full of groceries. She tossed the empty beer bottles and beer cans into a plastic bag as he walked into the kitchen.

"Yes, I just got back," she all but snapped at him. "Oh, and by the way, happy anniversary, darling!"

He stopped unloading groceries long enough to look at her in surprise. "Christine, are you angry with me? Were you not pleased with the flowers that you received this morning? My secretary assured me they had been delivered to your hotel room..."

"Oh, yes, they were lovely ... and so was your secretary's handwriting," she snapped. "And in the future, I'd appreciate it if you and the boys would pick up after yourselves ... and why are you bringing in all those chips and dips and MORE beer?? Oh, Spock, don't tell me..."

"Tonight is the last game of the Intergalactic Series, Christine. The Vulcan Champions are playing the Terran AllStars. This game will decide the championship." He looked at her gravely.

Christine groaned. That was another thing she couldn't get used to: his single-minded obsession with whatever interested him. It was bad enough when it involved his work; then she was lucky if she got to see him more than a few minutes a day. But now, since their neighbor, Bob had gotten Spock interested in baseball, which had become more and more popular on Vulcan as well, hardly a week went by during the summer that he wasn't watching some game or another on the holovid.

*Well, at least I know where I can find him*, she thought, although the sight of Spock sitting around in a pair of jogging shorts and sleeveless t-shirt and holding a bottle of beer in his hand never ceased to amaze her. She often thought it was a shame that Captain Kirk and their other fellow crewmates couldn't see him in that state. She finished cleaning up.

"Fine then," she said. "Since you're having the boys over, I guess I'll go see if maybe Mary Sue feels like going out somewhere tonight to celebrate OUR anniversary."

"Regrettably, she is not home tonight, my wife," Spock said. "Bob told me she will be spending the evening with her sister."

Christine sighed. "OK, then, I'm going to be in my room, reading a good book or something ... y'all have fun!" And with that, she stomped into the master bedroom and slammed the door.

* * *

Christine surveyed the bathroom and smiled in satisfaction. She'd lit up about a dozen rose-scented candles and placed them in various strategic places around the large bathtub. The tub was filled with the foamy suds of her favorite bubblebath, and beckoned to her in silent invitation. But there was one more thing left to do.

She stomped back into the kitchen and pulled out the bottle of red wine she'd been saving for a special occasion, and then the box of chocolates caught her eye. She'd bought it on a whim while she'd been waiting for her shuttle home earlier that afternoon. She picked up the box and started back towards the bedroom.

"Howdy, Christine!" The sound of her neighbor Bob's voice made her look in the direction of the living room. *Oh, joy, the boys are here,* she thought as she smiled and waved at the group of men who were coming into the living room behind Bob. It was a mixture of Terrans and Vulcans, most of whom were Starfleet, but some of whom worked in Bob's office as well.

"Hi, everyone," she said, smiling her fake social smile. "You all make yourselves at home and enjoy the game. Sorry I can't stay and watch it with you, but it's been a long day ... you know how it is..."

"Of course, my wife," Spock said magnanimously. "By all means, go and rest. We shall try not to disturb you."

Christine waved once more, and disappeared into the bedroom. Locking the door behind her, she quickly went into her dressing room/study and picked up a holopic of Spock from her small desk. Then, at last, she went into the bathroom and took off her clothes, placing the bottle of wine next to the tub with a small plastic wine glass, and Spock's picture within easy reach, as well as the box of chocolates.

As she slipped into the hot foamy tub, she sighed and murmured, "Computer, play selected music, bathroom only."

She slowly poured some wine in a glass, and picked up the picture of Spock taken just after their marriage. He looked so handsome in his uniform, and as she studied his Vulcan features, her mind drifted back to a night a little over five years ago ... to a certain restaurant on a certain Starbase...

* * *

The Chateaubriand on Starbase 4 had changed since the last time she and Spock had there, where they had patched up their differences over an incident that had happened shortly after they'd returned to the Enterprise from the planet Hakada ... when she'd accidentally called him "Snookums".

Shortly after that fateful dinner, Spock had begun to be seen in public with her, escorting her to ship's concerts, having dinner with her, and otherwise being constantly in her presence whenever he was off duty. Christine wasn't sure what was going on, because while he was very attentive, he was not openly affectionate, but she was so thrilled to be around him at all, that she didn't care. As far as she was concerned, they were officially dating. This night, they were back to where it all began, and Christine was wearing her favorite black velvet dress with a diamond and pearl choker, her hair done up in an elaborate upswept hairstyle, and Spock was looking elegant in a black velvet tunic and pants set. The orchestra was playing romantic melodies, and they were seated at the best table in the house. They had just finished eating a magnificent meal and were lingering over their after dinner drinks.

"Christine," Spock said. "There is something I would ask you."

"Yes, Spock?" Christine said, wondering what it was he could possibly want to know.

"We have been 'dating' as you humans call it for six point eight months," Spock said. "During this time, I have come to regard you highly. And now I wish to ask you...." and here he pulled out a small jeweler's box and opened it. Christine's eyes opened wide as she saw the large diamond solitaire engagement ring.

The orchestra leader had been watching the tall Vulcan male and his female human companion, and knew from experience that something was probably brewing. He knew he was right when he saw the Vulcan pull the little box from his pocket. Quickly he shushed the orchestra, so that there was complete silence. The other diners wondered why the band had stopped playing all of a sudden, but Spock and Christine were oblivious to everyone else. The whole restaurant heard Spock say:

"Christine, would you do me the honor of being my wife?"

And her enthusiastic: "Oh, SPOCK!!! Yes!!! Yes, I'd love to be your wife!

They were surprised when the whole restaurant broke into spontaneous applause and cheers, and the orchestra burst into a spirited rendition of "Going to the Chapel", an old twentieth century rock and roll song. The management came out, opened a bottle of champagne and began passing small plastic glasses around to the other diners. Afterwards, when Spock attempted to pay the bill, he was discreetly informed that their dinner was compliments of the house. By the time the couple got back to the Enterprise, Christine was floating on air. She was so happy at last to have all of her dreams come true, that she never realized until much much later that, although Spock had proposed, he had never once told her he loved her.

* * *

Now, as she sat in her bubble bath with tears rolling down her face, she wondered when SHE had stopped loving him...

* * *

Christine sat on the bed, after her bath, dressed in her favorite silky rose colored negligee and robe; the one she had worn on her wedding night five years ago. She slowly turned the pages of her wedding album, looking at each 3 dimensional picture carefully, slowly eating a chocolate that she had selected from the box on the bed.

She barely remembered the actual event itself; her memories were clouded over in a pink haze of joy and romantic fantasy... It was a day that seemed almost too good to be true. They had had two marriage ceremonies, of course, the one on Vulcan and a Terran one. She was not allowed to take pictures of the Vulcan one; the pictures she was looking at came from the shipboard wedding. There was a picture of Captain Kirk beaming as he read the marriage service ... there was one of Spock gently putting the wedding ring on her finger, and Christine smiled as she saw herself looking radiant, and Spock looking tender. They had bonded early that same day, shortly before the wedding itself. Christine remembered being overwhelmed by all the warm feelings and, yes, sexual desire that Spock was projecting that day ... but, except for the words of the ceremony, when he promised to love, honor, and cherish, he still had not verbally expressed his love.

There was a picture of her coming down the isle on Dr. McCoy's arm, all white silk and veil, her long train being held up by two young ensigns in dress uniform, one from Sciences, and one from Medical. There was Scotty, the chief engineer, proudly wearing his Scots tartan, standing in as Spock's best man. And the rest of the wedding party: Uhura as her maid of honor in rose and green silk, her graceful skirt barely touching the floor, and four female staff members, two from Sciences and two from Medical, acting as bridesmaids. Her colors had been rose and emerald green ... rose for her, and emerald green in honor of Spock. The two bridesmaids from Sciences had worn emerald green silk long dresses, and the two bridesmaids from Medical had worn rose silk dresses.

The wedding had been a shipwide event, and was broadcast live, and even taped for later rebroadcast on the Enterprise holovid station, so that all the crew could enjoy it, even those who were currently on duty. She flipped slowly through the rest of the album, the reception, and pictures of their honeymoon. Two pictures caught her eye ... the one where she and Spock were feeding each other the pieces of wedding cake, and one that was taken by a tourist on their three day honeymoon on Rigel IV, where the Enterprise enjoyed a brief layover.

Sitting on the bed, looking at those pictures, without the haze of romantic fantasy to cloud her vision, she noticed Spock's expression for the first time ... in the wedding cake one, he looked sort of bemused and slightly disapproving as if he were going along with everything just to humor her. And in the other one, she had been leaning on him as they had posed for a picture in front of a scenic overlook. The pose reminded her of one she had seen in a book about the British royal family some years ago ... Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their honeymoon. Again, Spock looked as if he were only humoring her. There was no expression on his face. Christine recalled that when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were asked if they were in love, she replied, "Of course," and his response was: "Whatever in love means."

A loud commotion in the living room interrupted her reverie. Apparently, the game was over. She quickly got up and unlocked the bedroom door, opening it just a crack... She heard a loud chorus of "good night" and "good game!" and "Wait'll next year, we'll cream you guys!" from the humans. It appeared that the Vulcan Champions had won. *THAT* would put Spock in a good mood, she thought, and she was right. He came to bed about an hour after everyone had left. Christine had long since put the wedding album away, and, while she was wondering what was taking him so long, she didn't feel inclined to find out. He came into the bedroom, and seeing her in the sheer negligee, he started undressing.

"You will be pleased to know, my wife, that Bob and I cleaned up the living area. You should be able to sleep in tomorrow." He slid into the bed beside her, and gathered her in his arms. It was moments like this that she waited for. Rare and precious moments when he would actually reach for her and tenderly caress her, and even kiss her. His desire for her flowed through their bond, as well as an unspoken apology for all the distress that he had caused her. He took off her negligee and they made love slowly and passionately.

Afterwards, just before he went to sleep, he said, "I took the liberty of making reservations at that new restaurant you were talking about the other day. We shall eat there tomorrow evening. Wear that blue dress you bought the other day. It looks aesthetically pleasing on you."

Christine murmured, "Yes, Snookums," and he smiled at her. After he went to sleep, Christine lay on her side looking at him, his face heartbreakingly handsome in repose. She felt her heart turn over. She *did* love him, she realized ... it was only that being married to him was not the blissful paradise she had expected it to be. In all of her fantasies about what being with him would actually be like, she had never really reckoned what it would be like to actually live with the unattainable object of her fantasies; how the actual nitty-gritty of day-to-day living would strip away some of the mystique. Spock was still her Prince Charming, and at least she could take comfort in the fact that while he might spend most of his days surrounded by beautiful young and intelligent young women, for him, there was only one ... the one he came home to every night, unlike the poor Princess Diana she had been thinking of earlier.

The baseball fad would eventually pass, like so many other of his passing interests. In fact, she thought, smiling to herself, she could practically guarantee it. How she had managed to keep this from him, she wasn't quite sure, but tomorrow would be time enough to give him the anniversary present she had wanted to give him tonight... She smiled, and hoped she wouldn't be disappointed by his reaction ... or lack of it ... and just before she went to sleep, she whispered softly, "Happy Anniversary ... Daddy!"