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A Different Kind of Love


Spock stood on the observation deck and stared out at the stars. No one seeing him could have guessed the inner turmoil that he was feeling as he listened for the familiar sound of his beloved: one Ensign Amphibole Feldspar. He had never felt this way about any female before. Oh, it was true that he'd had his share of adventures with women ... Zarabeth, Leila and Droxine came to mind ... but he hadn't been emotionally involved with them ... at least, not as emotionally involved as he had been with Amphie, as she insisted he call her.

From the moment he laid eyes on her, he couldn't seem to get her out of his mind. She was a rare and extraordinary individual; someone who had gotten to him emotionally in a way that no one else had been able to get to him before ... and while he did not understand the effect she had on him, neither was he inclined to resist it.

Ensign Amphibole Feldspar hurried to the observation deck to meet her beloved. Her heart was aching inside, although no one could have told it from looking at her. Spock had told her that he had something important to discuss with her, and she had a feeling she knew what it was ... the only thing it could be, considering their circumstances ... and she was going to have to break his heart, just as her own was breaking at the utter impossibility of their love.

It wasn't that she had intended to fall in love with the handsome Vulcan ... she hadn't. Oh, she had admired him from the very beginning, his magnificent eyes, his sensitive mouth, the upswept eyebrows ... and those magnificent ears of his, so elegant and aesthetically pleasing. But she quickly learned that there was more to him than just his looks. To everyone else, he appeared to be outwardly calm and passionless, the typical logical, unemotional Vulcan. But she, Amphie Feldspar, could sense the passions that lurked just underneath the surface.

It had started innocently enough. She had sat next to him at a lecture given by Geologist D'Amato and had discussed the presentation with him during the intermission. Spock was impressed with her knowledge of geology, and she told him that she had decided that was to be her life's work from childhood. They ran into each other from time to time after that ... and every time they saw each other in passing, he made it a point to greet her and ask her how she liked her new job, and how she was enjoying her tour on the Enterprise. She was, after all, the first from her planet to graduate from Star Fleet Academy, so his interest in her was purely logical. Or so he told himself.

Then came the day he invited her to attend a Science Convention with him during one of their shore leaves. It was something that she normally wouldn't have gotten to do, being a lowly ensign and not even in his department, but he thought she might enjoy it and it would be a positive learning experience for her. So he arranged it with the head of the Geology Department, and off she went, to spend two glorious days on Coralianus at a science conference with her favorite Vulcan.

They got to know each other then, as he spent much time with her going from presentation to presentation. They both grokked the same things, they discovered during their conversations, and she found him incredibly easy to talk to and discuss her life's ambitions with. On his part, he found himself feeling very comfortable with her. She demanded nothing of him beyond the pleasure of his company. And he enjoyed spending time with her.

After they returned to the Enterprise, they continued to spend whatever off duty time they could snatch together. They made an unlikely couple, the lowly Ensign and the First Officer, so much so that no one suspected the love affair that was brewing right under their noses. One night he confessed to her that he had strong feelings for her, and she, too, told him that she had become so attached to him that she couldn't bear to be parted from him even for an instant. They knew that their love had difficulties, but they were prepared to surmount any obstacles that they needed to be together.

Amphie had been floating on air since the night he had invited her to his quarters under the pretense of discussing an assignment, and actually to be able to give them some privacy and so he could declare his love for her. Daydreams of being with him on a windswept mountainside ran through her head, as well as being able to show him the beauties of her home planet. But, alas, it was not to be, for that very afternoon, she had received a message from her home planet: Her mother was dying ... she was needed at home at once to assume her responsibilities.

At last, she reached the observation deck, and he was waiting for her there.

"Amphie!" he exclaimed rushing to her. He stroked her gently as she snuggled as close to him as she dared. Finally they made their way to a bench, out of sight of any casual observers, and he sat down and put his arm around her.

"Spock," she began hesitantly, "I have something to tell you ... " but he interrupted.

"Wait. There is something I must say," he began, feeling nervous for the first time in their relationship. "Amphibole, I have become emotionally attached to you. I know that our relationship will be fraught with difficulties, but it doesn't matter ... I want no other but you, and I shall not rest until you agree to become my wife. Please do not refuse me."

"Oh, Spock," Amphie sighed, wistfully. "You make this so difficult ... I'd love to be your wife ... I really would ... but ... I can't. I've gotten a message from home. My mother is dying and I must go home to assume my responsibilities as queen..."

Spock gulped. Of course, there was nothing for him to say. He understood about duty and responsibility and given the precarious political situation on Amphie's home planet, there wasn't anything he could do about it. He gave a deep sigh. He knew that he would have to let her go, but he didn't have to like it.

"I understand," he said, "It is illogical to protest against that which cannot be changed. However, I hope you realize that I shall never allow myself to have the same type of emotional attachment as I have had with you ... "

"Oh, Spock," Amphie sobbed. "I'll miss you, too, and I'll always love you, too ... I wish I could say that there would never be another, but you know that as queen I must supply heirs for my house..."

He closed his eyes a moment. The thought of her exchanging intimacies with another was painful to him. They didn't speak of it again that night, just spent their last few hours together enjoying each others' company.

The next day, she boarded the shuttle that would take her home. He had to see her off; it was his duty as First Officer. To his surprise, the Captain was also there. Kirk said his goodbyes to Ensign Feldspar, and wished her well. Spock had no choice but to be formal. "Live long and prosper," he said huskily as she turned and took one last look at him. At last the shuttle prepared for take off and Spock and the Captain had to leave the hangar deck.

"Well," Captain Kirk said. "Mr. Spock, I see by your glowing report that you were quite impressed with Miss Feldspar."

"She is an asset to her planet, Captain. As you surmised when we first visited Janus IV, her people will be an integral part of the Federation."

"And, of course, she liked your ears," Kirk grinned. Spock merely nodded. "Yes, but I also found her aesthetically pleasing. Serving with her has been an enjoyable experience. I shall miss her."

Kirk did a double take. If he didn't know better, he would have sworn that there was something that Spock wasn't saying. It almost sounded like the Vulcan had had feelings for the ensign. But that was impossible. Spock, in love with a rock? Nah.

Meanwhile, in the shuttlecraft, Amphie settled herself as best she could. Her pilot, Lieutenant John Lahar, turned to her after they were well away from the ship and he had set the shuttlecraft on autopilot.

"Bet you can't wait to get home and start tunneling," he grinned at her.

"Not really," the Horta replied. "I made a lot of friends on the Enterprise. I'm going to miss it."

And as she turned to stare out the window, she saw only one face and in her mind she thought, "Mother, you were right. He does have beautiful ears.