The Spock and Christine

Bulwer-Lytton Bad Writing Challenge

From: Momthing

Spock of Vulcan gazed stonily into Christine Chapel's eyes, and in that instant, broke her trusting heart forever, for she had wanted so badly to believe that underneath that cold unfeeling exterior was the soul of a man who was capable of such depth of passion, such untamed fire, such rare tenderness that was buried beneath where no one else could ever reach it, except that one exceptional woman, that if it were ever unleashed would light the universe with an exquisite explosion and would change the course of history forever; and, she, Christine, would BE that woman ... the one who would kindle that fire and passion, who would possess his heart fully, the woman around whom his universe would revolve ... but, then, when she had inadvertently walked into his quarters and seen him caressing and kissing his computer, she knew ... in that instant, that here was one rival against whom she could never hope to compete ... and as she turned to leave, with silent tears of despair running silently down her cheeks, the last words she heard before the door slid shut on all her hopes and dreams was: "You Have Mail!"