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Santa Challenge - James T. Kirk


Dear Santa,

I know who you are, of course, but I have a Christmas wish I'd like our Santa to fill. So humor me, my friend. It's called suspension of disbelief. I know you can do it.

Santa, I have a very good friend who is his own worst enemy. He is a brilliant science officer, the best First Officer in the Fleet, and the most loyal, supportive friend possible. I thank my luck every day that I have him in my life. But he tortures himself with self-doubt, loads his soul down with guilt, and denies himself the solace we all need of friendship and love. It's difficult for him to even occasionally admit the friendship -- the brotherhood -- he and I have.

My wish is that he'd allow himself a day off. I don't mean just a day of shore leave, I can arrange that myself. I want him to take a day off from being Spock, son of Ambassador Sarek; Spock, first Vulcan to graduate from Star Fleet Academy; Commander Spock, first Vulcan to serve on a predominantly Human ship. I want him to take a day to experience what it is to be Spock, the man, the individual.

How he does that is up to him, but I have a suggestion. Spend the day with a woman, one who cares about him and values him for himself. I'm talking about Christine Chapel, of course. Now Spock is immediately going to reject this idea, but Santa, help him consider it. I'm not suggesting the start of a relationship or a one-night stand (although both would be good for him, and he did say he wanted to explore his human side). I mean talking, sharing, exploring the person she is and letting her explore the person he is. She's a remarkable woman. I don't know her well, but Bones thinks the world of her and he's not easy to impress.

So, Santa, that's my wish. Give it your best shot. It would be the best thing that ever happened to my friend.

Sincerely, James T. Kirk

P.S. I have a second wish I want you to make happen, Santa. Captain's prerogative. Get Joanna McCoy out here to visit her dad. I'll help pull any strings necessary. Bones will be grinning and bouncing on his toes for six months if we can pull this off!