Disclaimer: Star Trek is the property of Paramount/Viacom. This poem is the creation and property of Shirley Maiewski and is copyright (c) 1975 by Shirley Maiewski.

Some day...

Shirley Maiewski

Does he know I'm watching?

Does he feel my glance?

He shifts his weight, his chair swings some,

He does not turn - yet I think he knows.

His hand moves, on the chair arm

That hand I know so well-

That hand whose touch I yearn for,

It moves - the fingers stroke the cold metal - I wish ...

"Miss Uhura-"

Spock! He's here beside me!

Has he seen? Does he know?

My cheeks are fire - my fingers tremble on the keys.

"Miss Uhura, the message is ready."

His voice is cool - his Vulcan mask unmoved - yet -

He knows!

We play the game: "Yes, sir."

Louder: "Hailing frequencies open, Captain."

He turns. He smiles.

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Normal, easy.

Routine continues.

Some day...