DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of JM Lane and is copyright (c) 2003 by JM Lane. Rated NC17.


by JM Lane

The female Romulan Commander, Nu'hirrien (meaning "with charisma or mass attractiveness" in Rihannsu) sat at her vanity table combing out her long brown hair. She was clad in only a thin, almost transparent nightgown which showed off every inch of her body to full advantage. Her loyal attendant Aidoanne stood by patiently, ready to do whatever was necessary to please her exacting mistress. Aidoanne then caught a surreptitious movement at the corner of her eye, startled by the entrance of a tall, slender Vulcan male who looked strangely familiar ... why, it was -- it was Commander Spock, First Officer of the Federation starship Enterprise!


Nu'hirrien's keen hearing caught her attendant's excited whisper; she turned and looked the tall Vulcan over contemptuously. "So you couldn't decide whether or not you liked it," she bit out coldly.

"It was delightful," the Vulcan replied, frank desire burning in his dark velvet eyes. "And I have come back for more."

A stuffed 'nei'rrh' sat on Nu'hirrien's vanity table, its lifelike position with its poison spur ready to strike down its hapless prey somehow consistent with her reputation as a tougher-than-neutronium Romulan warrior. Spock picked it up, looked at it and frowned, then threw it at the astonished attendant.

"Get rid of it. That malodorous bird nauseates me ... and kindly leave us," he snapped at Aidoanne, ice tinging his deep, rich baritone.

Aidoanne only obeyed orders from Nu'hirrien. Their eyes met; the Romulan nodded and Aidoanne left. "Just who do you think you are, barging into my bedroom at this hour?" Nu'hirrien snapped, getting up to face him.

"I thought it was obvious," Spock replied, his voice silky and seductive. His long, slender fingers slipped Nu'hirrien's thin nightgown off to expose her slim, greenish-gold body with its full breasts, dark golden brown nipples and the dusky triangle nestled between her slender legs. She did her utmost to maintain her dignity in spite of her nudity.

"Be warned, Vulcan -- no one forces a Rihannsu!"

He pulled her closely against him, kissing and caressing every inch of her he could reach. The touch of his hands, the feel of his body, his hot, sweet kisses turned her blood into liquid fire and her knees treacherously threatened to buckle under her. "I do not think force will be necessary, My Lady. You see, I've wanted you from the start -- and I have seen in your eyes that you want me ... so do not even try to deny it."

As if she could -- oh, my gods!

His voice became even more seductive. "Your aphrodisiac perfume was most effective, My Lady, so I suggest that we do not waste any of it..." He picked her up like she weighed nothing and deposited her on her bed. "The Enterprise is here for a two-day conference. However, I am not needed since it is only for the Captain and assorted diplomats. Therefore, I intend to spend these next two days in far more enjoyable pursuits."

He undid the fastenings of his uniform pants, then lowered them and his black underwear to expose the largest, most beautiful erection she had ever seen. Nu'hirrien had always heard that Vulcan males had large erections, but was sure it was only a rumor. Now she knew it was true. "Oh, Spock, you are beautiful!"

"Quiet, woman," he snapped, undoing the red Starfleet jacket and shrugging it off, then slipping the white undershirt over his head to expose his sexy hairy chest. Oh gods, every inch of him was beautiful. He was surely the perfect lover, the perfect consort for her. Now if she could only induce him to defect to the Romulan Empire, he could be hers forever! But the next thing he said as he joined her on the bed cooled her ardor like water on a fire.

"However, this does not mean that I have decided to join your Empire. It merely means that I intend to derive as much pleasure from your body as I can."

Nu'hirrien's eyes blazed with green fire. "Why -- why, you filthy--! Let me go!" She hurled every curse and insult she knew at him, but it only seemed to egg him on. He held her arms above her head with one hand after pushing her onto her back, then mouthed her breasts and gently bit her nipples, then suckled them, prompting a moan of helpless pleasure from her throat. "Damn you, Spock! How could I ever have let you get to me?" But her legs had automatically parted; his other hand found the hot, wet sweetness between them and began stroking it. She cried out in ecstasy once again as her back arched like a cat's. "For gods' sake, Spock, lick and suck me before I go insane!"

He raised an eyebrow but did as she said, kissing his way down her body until he reached her moist inner flesh, licking and suckling until Nu'hirrien was ready to climb the wall. The next thing she knew was his hot, silken hardness entering her. He thrust rhythmically, sensuously, provoking more ecstatic cries from her throat. She locked her arms around his neck, their tongues entwining even as their bodies joined. Her long legs wrapped around his slender hips. Oh, gods, she wanted all of him inside her! Then almost before either realized it, they experienced an almost unbearably intense orgasm, an enormous tidal wave which seemingly rocketed them to the stars...

* * *

Spock awoke in a cold sweat, his sculptured face flushing green at the highly erotic images flashing through his mind. How in Surak's name could he ever have dreamed such a thing? He was even more embarrassed to discover that he had a large, achingly hard erection because of it. But the worst thing was that his relationship with the female Romulan had not gone beyond some finger and face-caressing...

He also couldn't believe how profusely he was perspiring. Vulcans rarely perspired, nor did they tremble so violently except in the Mating Time -- but that was still over two years away. He looked at the beautiful dark-haired woman sleeping peacefully beside him, hoping he could regain control before Christine awakened. Her right arm was under her head, her face in the crook of her elbow. She sighed, murmured and stretched, then settled down to sleep once again, her movements slipping the covers down to her waist to expose her full breasts with their rosebud-pink nipples to his hungry eyes. They had tasted so sweet in his mouth -- not to mention the warm slickness between her lovely legs (he recalled that entering her had been like sliding into some exquisite, fragrant oil) and the sweetest lips any woman had ever possessed. At least, any woman he had ever known intimately...

In the ensuing years since their first five-year mission on the Enterprise, her hair had gradually darkened back into his original dark brown color. It had surprised him at first, since he had always assumed she was a natural blonde. But once he became used to it, she had grown more and more attractive to him until he eventually had to admit -- both to himself and to her -- that he had fallen in love with her ... and just three months ago, he and Christine had finally become actual lovers.

The lovemaking was always so exciting, always so tenderly passionate and fulfilling that he knew he would never stop wanting it ... just as he would never stop wanting and loving her now that he knew just how extraordinary she really was. He turned over on his side, his back to her. The next thing he knew, her lips were between his shoulder blades. "Mmmm. Oh, my darling, you're delicious," she smiled.


"Yes, my love?"

"I had a most disturbing dream."

"Tell me about it, then."

He turned to face her, gathering her into a warm embrace and kissing her tenderly, cradling her head on his chest. "Comfortable?"

"Yes, beloved. Fire away." Her blue eyes seemed to grow wider and wider with every facet of the dream -- then after he finished, she reached up and stroked his lips with a finger. "I don't see anything wrong with that. In fact, it sounds very exciting."

"But I was never intimate with the Romulan Commander ... so why was my dream about her and not you?"

"Maybe deep down you really did want her," Christine teased with a playful kiss on his nose.

He raised a horrified eyebrow, eyes widening like saucers.

"Only kidding," she assured him. "Spock, it's normal for mature adults to have erotic dreams -- even Vulcans like you -- if they're involved in an intimate romantic relationship or marriage. Only rarely is a loved person visualized in an erotic dream. Usually it's someone one knows only casually, not the object of desire in the waking state. My guess is that your subconscious substituted the Romulan Commander for me. All it shows is that we have a happy, fulfilling love and healthy desire for each other."

To prove her point, she reached up and stroked the back of his neck to make him shiver deliciously before their lips met again in another tenderly passionate kiss. "Beloved, you have such sweet lips. How I used to imagine how they would feel on mine ... or on my body. "

"And have they lived up to your expectations?"

"You really need to ask?"

She silenced him once again with her lips, arms drawing his body down to cover hers as his large, erect organ pressed between her legs until they opened; he then entered her moist heat, sliding in almost effortlessly. She held him tightly within her as his hips moved rhythmically, deliciously, weight resting on his elbows until the hot flood of his liquid desire left him to enter her body.

"I love thee, Christine," he murmured against her lips after tasting deeply of them.

"And I love you, Spock. I always have and I always will. This is a dream come true for me and I never want it to end."

"I will not -- not for as long as we both live," he declared passionately as he once again parted her legs and proceeded to make ardent love to her, contentedly burying himself in her body again and again. After coming down to earth again, Christine kissed her lover's chest and stroked his dark, curled chest hair with her fingers.

"So when are we getting married? I hope it's soon, because if we keep this up, the next thing we know, I'm going to be pregnant."

"As soon as it can be arranged," he promised.

"And providing we can stay out of bed and keep our clothes on long enough to say 'I do'," she teased.

He smiled and nuzzled a breast with tender lips. "A valid point. When would be suitable?"

"Whenever you want -- as long as we're married. That's all that matters to me ... besides you."

The lovers once again snuggled close after sharing yet another kiss and fell asleep intricately entwined in a sensuous embrace.