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Santa Challenge #7

JM Lane

From the Desk of James T. Kirk

Dear Santa,

I haven't written a letter like this since I was a kid, but I can assure you that the wish I have in mind is definitely not kid stuff. You see, my wish involves our lovely Communications Officer, one Nyota Uhura. I would be eternally grateful if you could see your way clear to set me up with her for a long weekend together on either Risa or even the Amusement Park planet. This is kind of like a blind date, only I wouldn't need a duplicate of the lady -- merely a romantic dinner, some Dom Perignon champagne, privacy and the lady herself.

Provided she's willing, that is. With my reputation, however, I would prefer to think that she fantasizes about me as much as I do about her, despite her professional mask on the Bridge. You have no idea how many cold showers I've had to take because of her! The lady is literally built like a brick and has legs that go roughly up to her chin. So if you could possibly grant my wish, I would be the happiest and horniest guy in the Galaxy -- and it would be a weekend neither she nor I would ever forget!

James T. Kirk

P.S. If you can't pull this off, simply get me a first edition of "Lady Chatterley's Lover" by D.H. Lawrence and I'll take it from there.