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JM Lane

"Kiss me ... " The Vulcan's voice was a husky whisper.

This was the last thing Christine Chapel had ever expected to hear from Spock. She was still sure, in fact, that she had to be dreaming -- that what was happening could not possibly be real.

Spock's lips were only an eighth of an inch from hers and he was holding her in his arms as they stood at the door to her quarters. It was 0200 and they had just ended their first official "date", a dinner in the Officers' Lounge and a holovid in the Rec Room.

The previous evening, Spock had shocked her with his totally unexpected yet most welcome invitation, then she had spent half the night going over her wardrobe trying to determine what would be the most provocative thing to wear, not to mention the most attractive hair style.

In the end it was the latter which proved the easiest to do -- she just combed out her hair after washing it and let it hang naturally, held in place with a white hairband decorated with pink roses. Men usually liked long hair on a woman; surely Spock was no exception.

The outfit itself had proven considerably more difficult to choose, but in the end she had chosen a delicate pink linen shift with a darker pink roses and green leaves print, cap sleeves and lace around both them and the hem of the dress. Opaque white hose and white slippers completed the outfit and it only took half an hour to put on her make-up and perfume.

He had come by for her at 2000 hours, having stared at her in silence for a long time before saying, "You are lovely, Christine."

She had simply smiled and nodded in acknowledgment, then each had gotten their favorite meal upon arrival at the Officers' Lounge and decided to watch one of the most popular romantic movies of all time afterward. [They had had a choice between "Love Story" and "Gone with the Wind".] Christine fully expected to have to explain things to Spock later about many aspects of the film, but it would be worth it if she could sit in the dark with him for four hours and hold hands -- if not put her head on his shoulder.

All that seemed real to her was the warmth of Spock next to her once they had taken their seats in the ship's theater, one of his hands holding one of hers and his other arm around her; her head was cradled on his shoulder and his cheek rested on her hair. They were quiet throughout the film, simply savoring the other's presence, scarcely aware of their surroundings or the possibility that anyone else might have been watching them.

In fact, there had been -- McCoy with his date, the current Head Nurse, Elizabeth Anne Rogers, originally from Montgomery, Alabama, who also enjoyed the film -- but this time they watched Spock and Christine more than they did the movie. The Doctor could scarcely contain his glee. Oh, what a juicy little tidbit he would have to hold over Spock's head after this!

Of course, he wouldn't embarrass the Vulcan in public; for one thing, Christine would never forgive him ... and he had to be able to work with her. But Spock he didn't see that much since they worked in different sections of the ship, so that would give each time to cool off from any confrontations they might have on the subject -- provided Jim wasn't around to play referee. (Naturally neither would ever really use this information against them ... but it sure was fun to contemplate!)

Once the lights went up, he and Liz discreetly followed the other couple out, unable to help noting that they had their arms around each other, exchanging sly grins. They were unable to share the turbo-lift with them, but were close enough to hear where Spock and Christine were heading: Deck Five. He was likely either taking Christine back to her quarters, or better yet, his own.

By the time McCoy and Liz caught up with them, the other couple watched, dumfounded, as the Vulcan gathered Christine into his arms and whispered something to her. Neither could hear just what, but Chris must have liked what he said, for she smiled radiantly at Spock and nodded.

The next thing they knew, Spock had bent his head and found Chris-tine's lips with his. The kiss lingered a full thirty seconds, and the pair's bodies were pressed deliciously close. McCoy had never dreamed that Spock was capable of it but couldn't be more pleased that someone whom he had always thought of as a walking computer could express such deep emotions. Liz Rogers was frankly stunned speechless, having never seen Spock do such a thing before, and probably never would again.

She only came back to reality when he pulled at her hand. "Come on, Liz, let's get outta here before they spot us. We've already got enough ammunition on each of them for a month; that's what matters." With that, the couple had turned on their heel and disappeared around the corner.

The couple concerned had only reluctantly separated, and once each had taken a step back, Christine lifted her head to meet Spock's eyes and again smiled radiantly at him, her whole heart written on her face.

"Thank you for a lovely evening, Spock."

"I ... found your company -- most pleasant as well, Christine." He was quiet for a while, then surprised her once again. "May I see you again?"

This time she was too stunned to speak for a while; when she found her voice, she told him, "Of course, Spock. What did you have in mind?"

"Why do *you* not decide and let me know?" he suggested. "I am willing to go along with whatever you wish -- within reason, of course."

"Of course," she echoed. "All right, since it's summer on Earth, how about doing something I've always enjoyed doing at times like this? Just need to ask you something ... can you swim?"

"You wish to go swimming?" Both his upswept brows rose almost into his hairline.

"If you don't mind," she returned.

"I do not mind -- it is simply that I have not done it in a long time."

"Not surprising," she chuckled. "Then it's a date? I can even bring a picnic lunch if you like."

"That is acceptable," he pronounced. "We would just have to make sure the pool area is heated. I have no wish to become chilled."

"Quite understandable. How would 1900 hours this Friday be? I could reserve the pool area for us, too."

"Very well," he agreed. "I will see you then. Anything else?"

"Just one thing," she smiled enigmatically.

"Which is?" he prompted, the look in her eyes and the exciting possibilities which presented themselves at the thought of being alone with her again making his heart-rate speed up in spite of himself.

She moved closer, locked her arms around his neck and whispered against *his* lips this time: "Kiss me again ... "