DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. This poem is the creation and property of Kiristeen ke Alaya. Copyright (c) 2001 by Kiristeen ke Alaya. Time period - While Christine earned her MD on Earth. Rated G


Kiristeen ke Alaya

As I sit here alone, I think of you.

I do not know why, but I cannot deny it's true.

I've tried and tried to no avail,

to erase these thoughts of you.

So now I seek to pierce the veil,

of why these thoughts begin anew.

More and more as time goes on,

I find I miss your quiet presence.

Now I find, when you are gone,

I miss that which is your essence.

Could it possibly be,

your love that's held so true,

that even to the smallest degree,

I return what is only your due.

These thoughts I try to push away,

they will return, of this I am aware.

Perhaps there is another way.

Perhaps it's finally time, to admit I truly care.