A Drabble by Kella

Spock walked into Sickbay, feeling quite exposed, for some reason.

"Spock!" Nurse Chapel exclaimed.

"Oh, my God, would you look at the size of it, Chris?" McCoy prodded it.

"Do not touch my..." Spock began.

"I see it, Leonard! How do you think it got that big?" Christine gasped.

"Doctors, it is highly illogical to be staring at my..."

"Quiet, you green-blooded Vulcan, I've got to get Jim down here to see this..."

"I do not wish the Captain to see my..."

"Spock," Christine mused, "I always thought a Vulcan's would be green. I guess I was right."

"Christine," the Vulcan said tiredly, "Please do not stare."

Kirk walked in. "Oh, my God! Spock!" he gasped, staring. "It-it's so big!"

Spock took a deep breath and yelled:

"Would the three of you stop staring??? You'd think you'd never seen a pimple before!!!!"