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All In The Galaxy


Spockie! I'm coming, Spockie!!! There you are.

Oh Jeez, Christeeen! Keep ya voice down. The Doctor will hear ya.

Well, Spockie I just hada tell ya something.

Ah cripes! Is this gonna take all day? Ha Christeeen!?

Oh, well, I don't know, Spockie. It all started with that nice crewman. Kevin O'Malley. No not O'Malley. O'Hara? No not that either. Let me think. It was something Irish.

Jeez concentrate, Christeeen. What were you gonna tell me?

Oh, I know O'Riley. Kevin O'Riley. What a nice name. You know I had a cousin Kevin once...

The point, Christeeen. Get to the point. Captain Shorty is down at Rec Room 3. It's chess night, Christeeen!

Well, where was I? I remember. I love you, Spockie. I love the Vulcan you. I love the Human you. Aint love grand, Spockie?

Ah Criminy, Christeeen! Let go my hands. What's gotten into you anyways!?

I think it was something from that planet. Some kind of virus or somethin.

Well, they ya go. Ya neva listen ta me. Aint I always tellin ya ta stay away from those alien things?

I know, Spockie. I neva listen. But I see things how people hurt ya for instance. My mother always said ...

Christeeen, you're a dingbat!

I love you too, Spockie!