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“Friends To Me”



Buzz, buzz.  Heyya, Jimboy,” Bones announced as he walked into Jim's now almost barren quarters.  He was carrying three glasses and a bottle of Romulan Ale. 


“Hi, Bones.  What do you have there?  I thought you had everything packed up.”


“Everything that’s not medicinal,” he said as he poured out three servings of the blue liquid.  “Now stop complaining and get your pointed eared first officer in here for a 'end of the 5 year mission' toast.”


“Alright, Bones, alright.”


As McCoy continued to bicker about their pointed eared friend, Jim headed through the adjoining head he shared with Spock.  Finding Spock’s room empty and completely cleaned out, Jim began to worry.  Where was Spock?  Where could he have gone to?  He wouldn’t leave without saying ... no, he wouldn’t. 


Looking around for some clue as to why Spock had left before Bones and him, he came across an envelope on the mattress of Spock’s now bare bunk.  Kirk grabbed the envelope and read what it said.  It was a simple, old fashioned, cream-colored, paper envelope, which enclosed a letter of the same material.  As he walked back through the bathroom and into his own room, he held the envelope out to McCoy at his questioning gaze. 


“What is this, Jim?  Where’s Spock?  My ale is getting warm.”


“I don’t know, Bones.  I went to his quarters and this is all I found.  It is addressed to us.”


“So, let's open it.  It is in Spock’s handwriting.”


Together they opened the envelop which was simple addressed to "James and Leonard" and began to read the letter. 


"James and Leonard,


"By the time you both read this letter, I will already be on a transport back to Vulcan.  I regret not having the time to join you in your goodbye drink, but my departure had to be immediate.  I do not know where my path will take me next, but I must express that serving with you both for the last five years has been very rewarding and fulfilling.  I consider you both friends and more than that, family, who have liked me for who I am.  As I said, I do not yet know where my life’s path will lead me, but I do foresee that one day all of our paths will cross again.  Until then, I leave you with my thoughts and my gratitude. 


"Live Long and Prosper, Spock"


* * *




Well you and I, were buddies and we’ve been since we first met. 

And me and you well we’ve sure been through our share of laughter and regret. 

Lord knows we’ve had our bad days, and more than once we’ve disagreed,

but you’ve always been a friend to me. 




You can be so stubborn, there’s times I think you just like to fight. 

And I hope and pray I live to see the day when you say I might be right. 

And there’s times I rather kill you, than listen to your honesty,

but you’ve always been a friend to me. 


You’ve always been, time and again, the one to take my hand. 

And showing me, that its ok to be just the way I am,

with no apology.  Oh you’ve always been and you will till God knows when,

yes you’ve always been a friend to me.




And of course we all know what happens in TMP.  BTW: The song is call "A Friend To Me" by Garth Brooks.  After I heard it, I knew it fit the trio well.