DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. These filks are the creation and property of JM Lane and are copyright (c) 2000 by JM Lane.


(to "Pledging My Love" by Elvis)

Filked by J. M. Lane

Forever, m'chejan*, our love will be true;

For always and ever, there will be only you.

All I ask is your love in return.

My heart and mind are at your command;

Making you happy is my desire and keeping you is my goal.

I will be yours for the rest of my days,

And never part from you and your loving ways.


* m'chejan* - Vulcan endearment [used with permission

of my friend Gamin Davis, who originally coined it]


(To: "Sign of the Times" by Petula Clark)

Filked by J. M. Lane


It's hard to believe

that your love for me is so strong...

So hard to believe

that I won't have to wait any longer

You have changed so much

from the man I used to know

For when you hold me now

You never want to let me go

The waiting is over

It's so hard to believe

that you call me whenever you feel lonely

So hard to believe

that you tell our friends I'm your one and only

I'll never understand how you once treated me

But when I hold your hand

I know you couldn't be the way you used to be

The waiting is over

Maybe my lucky star has finally begun to shine

Maybe somebody knows how long I've waited

for you to be mine

It's so hard to believe

You kiss me now like you really mean it

and a year ago, I never could have seen it

Don't ever change your mind, or take your love away

Just leave the past behind

and only think of how we are today

The waiting is over