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(to: "I Can Dream, Can't I?" by Andrews Sisters)

Filked by J. M. Lane


Now I know

That no matter what I do,

I will never have your love.

That is my impossible dream.

In the dream, I am in your arms,

Locked in the Heaven of your embrace--

feeling your sweet lips on mine.

That is my impossible dream.


I know there's no chance for me,

But I will always hold in my heart

This impossible dream.

And I will always adore you

Although we are light-years apart,

and you will never open your heart.

That is my impossible dream.

I Am Sorry

(to: "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson)

Filked by J. M. Lane

Christine, I know

I do not treat you as you deserve...

And was unable to love you as you so needed

Little things I am unable to say and do --

I never took the time

I assumed you understood,

but I hurt you, and I am sorry

I could not hold you all those lonely times,

And was unable to tell you

how grateful I am for your love...

I made you feel second-best, and

I was blind -- but you are always on my mind

And I am sorry

Please tell me your love has not died;

give me another chance to make you happy --

because I need you...

And however it may seem,

you are always close to my heart

And I am sorry