DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. This poem is copyright (c) 1982 by Toni Cardinal-Price. It was originally published in Ninth Quadrant #4, 1982.

House Call

Toni Cardinal-Price

Of course I'm staying!

You say the way he looked at me when I beamed aboard.

You heard his words.

He needs me!

This Goddamned ... "thing" out there

Has him worried.



And Jim Kirk's enough of a man to ask for help

When he needs it.

To admit his fear,

And to make the right decisions

When the time comes.

So, of course I'm staying

To help in whatever way I can.

To offer advice,



To be there when he needs me.

And I'm staying for one other reason.

Because 'he' isn't here at Jim's side

As he always was before.

I know how much Jim feels his absence.

I can see it in his eyes,

Hear it in his voice.

This ... separation has been too hard on him.


Spock ... if you only knew how much he needs you.

But then ...

You must have known,

And still you left him.

For the life of me, I can't figure why.

Unless ... you realized you needed him, too.

If only I could've helped you find a way

To accept your Human half.

Maybe you'd be here now ... with Jim,

When he needs you the most.

But I'm not a miracle worker,

Just an old country doctor making one more "house call",


Where Jim needs me.

Yet knowing the one he really needs

Is light years away.

So, of course I'm staying.

But, God help me, Spock,

I wish you were here.