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Honeymoon Scene

Ruby Moon-Houldson

In the valley below Mount Seleya, the reception was brief and simple. There were various dishes of refreshment and cool drinks. The guests had broken into small groups and were discussing the ceremony and the statue they had passed on their journey down from Mount Seleya. Several well-wishers greeted Spock and herself and she smiled politely and nodded her head. She tried the food but she wasn't hungry and so she ate very little.

Uhura hugged her and whispered that everything was lovely and that she, Chris, looked very beautiful. Scotty, Sulu, and Chekov all wished her well and walked off to an area out of the way in order to talk among themselves.

McCoy sidled up to her, broke out in a big smile and said quietly, "I thought there for a moment you were going to bring the house down, young lady. You sure gave those Vulcans something to think about. If they had been human I dare say there wouldn't have been a dry eye in the place."

She grasped his hands in hers. "Thank you, Doctor, I feel I did my best. This is one of the happiest moments in my life. I'm very lucky to have you and all the others as my friends. Oh, and Doctor … thanks for being there for Spock through the years when he needed an emotional, human outlook on life and its sticky situations. You and Kirk mean more to him than he could ever express." She leaned over and kissed him softly on the cheek. McCoy smiled and walked on.

She saw that Spock, Kirk, and Sarek were all talking together. She sighed and thought … when men get together. She turned and looked up toward Mount Seleya. She separated herself from the crowd and walked a small distance away in order to have some peace and quiet, and to contemplate on the significance of the sacred Temple that loomed above. She had been alone only moments when she felt hands on her shoulders. She knew it was Spock and she allowed herself to lean against him and touched one of his hands with hers. She closed her eyes for a moment and reveled in the sensations that his touch sparked within her.

"It appears all went well tonight. I have heard only good reports from the guests. Vulcans are not given to polite conversation and so I know that what they say is based on their observations and was not merely small talk." Spock encircled her in his arms. "My wife, you look lovely tonight."

She smiled and replied lightly, "You're not implying I don't look lovely every other night, are you?" There was a moment of hesitation as he contemplated her words and then she heard his reply.

"Ah, yes, that was a joke, was it not? I am getting better at picking these out of conversations. My comment was not given with the intent to imply you were only lovely for this one night."

She turned around in his arms and faced him, "Good answer." She smiled up at him and continued. "I too thought things went very well tonight. I was caught off guard when T'Pau made her request. I don't think I'll ever be able to figure her out. She can do some surprising things."

"Indeed. You also surprised us with your gift to the Vulcan people. The statue of the IDIC and myself, well, I cannot find the words to describe how it affects me. They are going to place it in the museum and create a window in the ceiling above the statue so all may view it as it was meant to be." His eyes shone down upon her.

"I could think of no better present for you than of something that would last long after you and I are gone. I wanted the memory of you preserved for more than just a few years. Even when your katra is placed in The Hall of Ancient Thoughts, the statue will still be there, as a reminder of who you were and the great things you did in your life." Her right hand brushed his cheek and rested on the side of his face and her fingertips touched his ear. "I love you!"

Spock drew her to him and his face lowered to hers. Their lips met and they exchanged a kiss so gentle she felt as if she were being carried on a cloud. Her other arm went around him in order to steady herself and she dropped her hand from his face and it came in touch with his robes. She allowed her hands to brush across the soft material as she pressed her body to his. He broke the connection and whispered in her ear, "This will have to be delayed until later."

"I can hardly wait," was her reply. They separated and she took one last look at the structure as it loomed above.

* * *

Sarek, Kirk, McCoy and T'Pau noticed that Spock and Christine were not among the crowd and they began a search for the couple. They located Spock and Christine just in time to witness the exchange that occurred between them. Kirk and McCoy smiled and the Vulcans nodded their head and turned to walk away in order to give the couple privacy.

* * *

Spock and Christine returned to the reception. The numbers were dwindling as guests left for their homes. T'Pau took her leave of the couple and wished them long life, and Spock returned the greeting. Sarek informed Spock that one of the guards would take him and his wife to their resting place for the night.

Amanda spoke quietly to Christine, woman to woman, while Sarek spoke with Spock. "Christine, dear, let the Vulcan sky and atmosphere move your heart tonight. Let the beauty of this place set the mood for what should undoubtedly be one of the happiest nights of your life. And thank you for choosing my son to bestow your love upon." She hugged Christine and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Christine whispered, "I couldn't resist loving such a great man as Spock, he's everything to me." She stood back and watched as Amanda joined her own husband. She exchanged greetings with Sarek and then they were gone.

Kirk and his party also said their goodnights, walked to a clearing, and Christine watched as they dematerialized. They were now alone together and she knew the best was yet to come.

* * *

Spock and Christine accompanied the guard who was to take them to Vulcan's Forge. Christine kept her eyes open wide so she wouldn't miss anything. The sky was dark yet she could see the outline of what she thought was another planet in the distance. It reminded her of the moon back on Earth, only this heavenly body was not as bright. Jagged mountain peaks rose in the distance and she thought the light reflecting off the other planet made the mountains look deep red. The breeze was cooler and she began to feel a chill in the air. Of course mountain and desert terrain was known to experience cool nights and she hoped that wherever they were going, there would be a nice warm fire or some other form of heat. If not, she would have to rely on the things she had packed in her bag and on Spock's body heat to keep her warm. The later thought made her smile and she glanced over at Spock.

* * *

He had been observing his wife as they made their way to Vulcan's Forge. The ride was smooth and peaceful. Her eyes were taking in everything and he wished he could share the sensations he knew her to be experiencing. He knew some of what she was feeling had to be awe and wonder of such beauty around her. She had smiled and looked over at him. What was she thinking?

They reached their destination and Spock dismounted from the small carriage. He held out his hand and steadied Christine as she climbed out. The Vulcan guard informed them that their belongings had been delivered to the site and that all had been prepared for their arrival. If they needed anything, they had access to a communicator that was located among their belongings. Spock thanked the guard and led Christine through the mouth of Vulcan's Forge. Christine had noted there were at least five guards located at the mouth of the Forge. T'Pau was taking no chances on their privacy being invaded. Well, Christine thought, there is strength in numbers. She also noted that the Vulcan guards would not meet her gaze and they kept their heads slightly bowed. Maybe they were following tradition, but it didn't matter, she had more important things on her mind right now. She followed Spock as he led them to the place where they would spend their first night together as husband and wife.

Halfway through their journey she had slowed in order to take in the beauty of her surroundings. She listened to the noises around her and heard various animal sounds, none of which she recognized. Spock didn't seem concerned so she thought they must be safe. He had slowed in order for her to look about but then he told her they really needed to pick up the pace if they wanted to get to their destination before sunrise. She quickened her steps and within ten minutes she saw a light ahead. Once they were closer she saw it was a fire.

A campfire, as she called it, had been started for them, and off to the far right she saw plenty of wood to get them through the night. A large tent had been erected just beyond the campfire and about fifteen feet to the left of the tent was a small bench. She guessed it had been placed there in order for them to sit and view the area around them.

She walked to the fire and slid off her cape. The fire was warm and welcoming and she stretched her hands out to it. From the corner of her eye she saw Spock take off his black outer robe and place it on the bench. He stood in the white robe that reminded her again of ones she had seen him wear before. He always looked so good in them.

She turned her head so she could get a better view. Her eyes ran the length of him and she committed to her memory this picture of him. His black hair shone as the firelight bounced off it and the color seemed darker in contrast to the white robe he wore. He had noticed she was staring at him and his eyebrow rose. He had discarded his outer robe due to the heat. To him the night air was quite comfortable but how did she feel about it? He turned and saw her staring at him. He wore only his white robe and the black pants beneath. As he saw her eyes look over him, he knew what she thought. He shook his head and she turned away. Would his being in a white robe such as this one always illicit such a response from her? His eyes followed as she strolled to the other side of the tent with her gown flowing around her in the light, cool breeze.

* * *

She shook her head and placed a hand to her forehead. She had to stop doing this! She couldn't fall apart every time she saw him dressed in a white robe! But it was hard to push something out of one's mind after it has been there for so many years. She continued to glance around her, and she listened to the sounds of animals and insects in the small wooded areas strewn within the mountains that encircled them. Two arms slid around her waist. He was there for her and she knew this was the beginning of their night together.

Her head rested on his chest and they gazed at the sky above them. His arms pulled her closer and she could feel his body heat through her clothing. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to see his face and a shiver of anticipation ran through her body. She glanced down at his hands and touched them with her own. His fingers were long, lean, and strong, but gentle as well. She longed to feel them brush down her body. She returned her head to his chest and she felt his light kiss on the top of her head, and she was moved by that simple token of his affection.

She gently pushed away from him and his arms released her. She turned to him and her eyes met his. "Spock, I love you so much. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I know I'll love you more tomorrow than I do now. How can this be possible? I'm not even sure if there's an answer, but as I get to know you with each passing day, my love can only grow stronger." She brushed his left cheek with the back of her fingertips and trailed them to his temple. She studied his eyebrows and his ears and traced the tip of one ear with her fingertips, and she could feel him shudder from her very personal touch. Her left hand joined the right as her fingers memorized every inch of his face from his chin, his eyes, his eyebrows, and even to the black hair that covered his forehead which she brushed aside gently and watched as it fell back into place. Her eyes followed her hands' every move and gentle surges of electricity flowed from her fingertips. The power within her was building and she did not try to hold it back. She looked deep into his eyes and was lost in the pools of brown.

* * *

He had to close his eyes for just a moment as her fingers caressed his face. Her touch was so light and yet he felt a tingling sensation everywhere her skin had come in contact with his. It seemed that every part of him was sensitive to the touch of her skin against his, and his need for her grew. When she found the tips of his ears he could have pulled her roughly to him and taken her mouth with his, but he did not want to frighten her. She wanted and needed to touch every part of him, especially those parts that signified him to be Vulcan. How long could this madness go on? He was about to find out. He would give her anything she desired. Tonight he would hold nothing back.

* * *

Her fingers found the clasps that held his robe together and she undone them one by one until her hands rested upon his chest. His skin was warm and his chest was firm. She planted a light kiss on his chest and then trailed her lips to his neck. He did not object as she pushed the robe aside and let it fall to the ground. Her hands traveled over his shoulders, his back, and to his stomach as she memorized every part of his upper torso. Within herself she could feel the fires ignite as she began to make love to Spock.

* * *

He was lost in her touch. Her hands were all over him. She had discarded his robe in one quick move and he stood now before her in only his black pants. A small fire began to course through his veins and he did not fight it. Her hands had settled on his chest again and he took this opportunity to free her from the clothes that separated his skin from hers. He easily found the small snaps in the front of her dress and he released their hold on her garment. The delicate material slipped away and his hands came in contact with her smooth skin.

He lowered his head and took her lips with his. They shared a passionate kiss and then his lips left hers and followed the curve of her neck, down her shoulders, and to the top of her right breast. He traced the outline of her delicate skin as he held her close to him. His fingers slid over her back and gently kneaded her muscles as he explored her body with his body and his mind.

* * *

She cried out from the pleasure he elicited upon her skin. She would have swayed but his strong arms held her upright and close to him. Her fingers entwined in his silken, black hair as her body grew more heated with his every touch. His eyes rose to hers and she could have sworn she saw fire in his pupils. Her breath came in short gasps and her pulse raced. God, how she wanted him! With every touch of his hands she grew weaker and the fire inside raged stronger and hotter until she could no longer stand.

* * *

Her cry reached his ears and he knew he pleased her as much as she pleased him. She trembled but he knew it wasn't due to the cool air around them. She trembled from the strength of the power building up within her. When it surfaced in full force they had better be in the tent so he could have better control of the situation. His mind was clear. Pon farr did not have hold of him and he knew what he was doing. He swung her up in his arms and carried her toward the tent.

* * *

She wrapped her arms around his neck as they headed toward the tent. Inside he easily and gently deposited her onto the soft, and very thick comforter positioned in the middle of the tent floor. The shadows from the light of the campfire danced on the tent walls. It was not extremely bright but there was enough light so they could see each other. A flap was open at the top of the tent and she could see the Vulcan sky above. He would make love to her beneath the Vulcan sky after all. She stared into his eyes. "I love you," she whispered, and at these words his lips discovered hers once again.

* * *

She had said the words again that touched his own heart. Never had he felt this way before. She brought out the best in him, that part of him that he had denied himself since he was a child. Her lips left his as she trailed light kisses on his face and neck. She continued her worship of his body as she touched his chest with her lips and her hands. She kneaded his skin and his muscles with her fingers. Her hands touched his thigh and he felt a new fire ignite within his being. He was aroused by her lovemaking, by her reverent exploration of his body. He heard a groan escape from his throat.

* * *

She loved feeling Spock's body beneath her hands. She wanted to know every part of him. She burned from deep within and searched for that which would quench the fires that threatened to consume her. His hands caressed her body and found all the parts that distinguished her as a woman. His lips trailed across her skin… over her throat and down…down. He flicked his tongue over one nipple then the next. His breath was hot as it took in flesh and suckled hard. A hand slid down past her stomach and urged her thighs apart. A finger discovered her hot center that had begun to ache with the need to be fulfilled. She gasped with pleasure and her teeth softly bit into his shoulder. She felt the power within her reach full force and she couldn't control herself, her emotions, any longer. "Oh, God, Spock I need you so much. Please, please, love me now!" She arched her body toward his.

* * *

Her teeth had bit gently into his shoulder but it did not bring pain. She was putty in his hands and she too was molding him into a man of deep feeling. How had his Vulcan disciplines been pushed aside and forgotten so easily? When he was with her like this he had no discipline, only the desire to become lost in her love. He was Vulcan yet he was also a man. Her cries for release were also his cries… they needed each other to quench the fire they had ignited. His body burned, his soul burned, and he would not deny that release to himself or to her. Love was indeed the most powerful force in the universe.

He nipped at the hardened nipple and he heard her soft moan. His fingers explored regions unknown…she was hot and moist and her inner muscles massaged his fingers. She was so close. She arched toward him, begging for release from the fire that enveloped her.

* * *

Hands stroked, searched, kneaded, and caressed all that they came in contact with. In the heat of their passion all the barriers between them were vanquished and bare skin touched body-to-body, and still they sought to cast aside whatever else separated them. She burned and the love she had for him overflowed from deep within her soul, and her body shivered with the anticipation of becoming one with him. The energy poured from her being and it surged from her body and traveled to his. She was close to the edge and she still did not have that which she desired…Spock! She felt his fingertips on her temples and she knew he would meld with her.

* * *

He needed not only to be with her in body but in mind as well. He would meld with her and he would share the strength that wracked her body with such force that she trembled. His mind met with hers and he was in the midst of emotional upheaval and pleasure. Longing, searching, desire, need, faith, hope, and pure and powerful love encircled him, and he found what it was like to experience these feelings. Each emotion converged with his mind and he learned and experienced what they were and what their role was in her life and his. He had never understood just what these emotions meant until now. He could now describe them and put meaning to them. He now had a frame of reference to fall back on. Oh, how wonderful they felt when he shared them with her. If these emotions were so strong, why did he not feel them any other time? Why were Vulcans so closed off from them? Another mystery to be solved but now was not the time. He receded from her mind and they continued to make love.

* * *

She felt his mind and hers connect. She showed him all she was feeling, she held nothing back. She needed him, she desired him. Her body, her mind, and her soul were burning for his love. His hands were hot against her skin and his mouth burned everywhere it touched. He removed his fingers from her aching center…he did it so agonizingly slow and she moaned as he did so. It was as if he brushed across every frayed nerve center as he retreated. Flames soared higher within her body and it was engulfed in a raging inferno of desire. Her body trembled and her eyes opened to gaze into his deep, brown one's. "Spock, please, I need…I want…oh, my…" His erection pressed against her flesh and it was so hard. She reached toward him and took him in her hands. She massaged and stroked him until he released a guttural groan. He was so large and rigid. His hand grabbed hers and stopped her motions.

"Stop, Christine, you are making me…" Her hand had tantalized him into one hard bundle of nerves and he was about to explode. If she had given just one more stroke, he would have been freed. He took command of her lips once again and he massaged a supple breast. She couldn't hold out any longer. Fire was all around her! Liquid fire coursed through her veins and seared her nerve endings. She grasped his arms in her hands and cried out, "Spock…now, now, I can't wait any more. Love me now, please!"

* * *

He listened to her cries and he was obliged to answer. He moved closer to her. His erection throbbed and he longed for release from the pressure. He balanced himself above her, testing the waters. He came in contact with her warmth and entered slowly then pulled back. She whimpered, dug her nails into his buttocks, and arched toward him. The message was clear and with reservations thrown aside, he plunged unmercifully into the moist center that awaited him. He thrust deep and hard and his strokes were quick and frenzied. He balanced on one hand and grabbed her bottom with the other. He dragged her closer to him so he could bury himself further in her. He thrust in and out as sheer, gratifying sensations obliterated all other thoughts. She was like a hot glove surrounding him, and immediately muscles began massaging his flesh.

* * *

He was a fierce but tender lover and she whimpered as her body slid along his rock hard erection. He filled her so easily ands she loved having him inside her. He pulsed and throbbed, tantalizing her inner nerves and muscles. Many times he nearly pulled out but then he plunged back in and she arched toward him with every thrust. She couldn't get enough of him, she wanted more. Then she heard him release a low moan and he spilled out into her, filling her with his gentle warmth. She bit her bottom lip and felt her muscles tighten around him. She shuddered from the pleasure that wracked her body as she plummeted headlong into Spock's katra.

* * *

Her muscles tightened around him in a vice-like grip. Then they began to massage and pull at his erection, drawing him deeper into her. With one final, driving force, he ground into Christine's inviting body and his mind splintered into a thousand fragments. Fire coursed along his nerves and seared a path through his veins. His breath was caught in his throat and he had to think in order to breathe. Deep, carnal need was obliterated as he claimed what was his. His pulsations were strong and forceful and he gritted his teeth as his climax nearly blinded him.

They had reached a point of no return and there was no holding back. Her cries of ecstasy filled his ears and her body arched to meet his. Yes, this was what love was, becoming one not only in mind and soul but in body as well. This wonderful experience was what the people of his planet denied themselves. That was illogical!

* * *

Her body was absorbed in the force of their lovemaking. She met his every move and her heart almost burst with the love she felt for him. Her cries of pleasure echoed out into the night along with her declaration of love for him. "Spock, oh, Spock, I love you so much, so very much!" she said over and over. Her arms wrapped around his waist and she pulled him closer to her so she could touch her lips to his. They were one and no one could take that away. They belonged to each other for as long as fate allowed them to be together. There would never be another man in her life and no one could ever take his place.

* * *

He felt her body respond to his and he reveled in the feelings they shared. She told him, told the whole planet, that she loved him. Her love was so pure and so right. His body reeled from the force of the release of tension that had built up over time. He had given to her before but not totally, not until now. He clung to her as she clung to him, and their bodies found satisfaction and release in each other. As the fires were quenched he placed his lips next to her ear and whispered, "I love you, Christine, my wife, with all my heart!" He did not see the tear that ran down her face as he said these words.

* * *

She came back to Vulcan, not Earth, as was the saying on her home world. As her body had been satiated by his lovemaking, she could have cried out with joy as she heard the words he whispered to her. He loved her! He truly loved her! This was a miracle and she couldn't put into words how much his revelation had meant to her. She cried silent tears of happiness. Spock, you have made me the happiest woman in the universe. My love will span space and the ages! She hugged him to her as her mind repeated the words he had whispered to her.

He heard her thoughts. She would love him through the ages… he had made her happy and fulfilled. He had made love to his wife, he felt love, experienced it, returned it, and there was no shame.

* * *

They lay spent on the thick, soft bedding as their breathing returned to normal. She lay peaceful and contented in the crook of his right arm and her face rested against his shoulder. Her hand skimmed across his chest and felt the sweat on his body. They had made love in the flames of desire yet they were not consumed. They had survived the fire with their minds and bodies intact. She brushed a kiss across his chest and drew closer to his side. His arms held her tighter as he felt her move her body closer to his. Nothing had been hidden tonight and everything that made them a living being had been shared. They would recognize each other souls even when they were not in personal contact. It was unusual for a Vulcan and a human to share such a bond, but theirs was very strong. Bonded couples shared a body, a part of their minds, but rarely a soul. The touch of her lips on his skin sent a shiver through him and he closed his eyes.

She gazed up at the sky overhead and her voice broke the silence. "Spock?"

His eyes remained closed but he answered. "Yes."

"This night has been the best night of my life. I see the sky above me yet there are no stars with which to wish upon." She paused and then continued. "If I could make a wish right now, I would wish that we could stay this way forever." She sat up on her elbow and stared down at his face.

When she moved, he opened his eyes. Her face was above his, her golden hair had fanned down around her face, and brushed across his chest. He brought up a hand and pushed her hair back behind her ears. She had such small ears, so delicate. His fingers stroked her face and trailed down to her lips. Her eyes softened at his touch. "Forever is a long time, my wife, and we do not have that long. We must take the time we have together now and make the best of it. In my line of duty, who can say how long a person is to live. My work leads me into dangerous situations." He saw a pained look cross her face and he knew what had put it there. She stared deep into his eyes and her hand touched his cheek. "No one knows better than I, Spock, how dangerous your job is or how quickly your life can be taken away," she whispered. "It's burned in my memory and is always utmost in my mind when you are not near me."

"I apologize for my words. I did not intend to hurt you." Her eyes were focused just above his and he felt her fingers slowly ruffle through the hair that lay across his forehead. "I know you didn't realize what you said until it was out of your mouth. That's a part of getting to know each other, I guess, knowing when not to be completely forthwith."

Christine said some interesting things at times and this was one of them. He drew her head down, his lips met hers, and they exchanged a slow, comforting kiss. After they separated, she lay back and they held each other until he fell asleep. Vulcans were usually on the alert but tonight he was feeling…feeling tired. He had spent much energy in the process of eradicating his mind and body of the pent up emotions he held in all these years, and he needed rest.

Spock's breathing had slowed to a quiet, steady pace and thankfully he didn't snore. He was asleep but was he alert to what was going on around him? Oh, well, it didn't matter. She gazed on his sleeping face. He looked peaceful…she had never seen his face look this way before, so…relaxed, and there was no sign of concentration or continual self-control in his features. His arms were encircled around her, his hands rested on her waist, and she placed her hands over the top of his. His body was relaxed, it wasn't held in the straight and stiff posture that was usually his norm. The sheets that covered them molded to their bodies, she could see the outline of his body through them, and it was lean and strong. God, oh, God, how she loved this man! Again she lifted her eyes in order to view the Vulcan sky. It was dark and there were no stars and no moon. She knew the gods were up there somewhere. Had they watched as she and Spock became one tonight? She hoped they hadn't because she had given all, shown all of her being to Spock, she didn't want that to be shared with anyone else. She closed her eyes and let sleep claim her, but before her lids shut, she could have sworn she saw a falling star… she smiled and made a wish on it.