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Amok Time

Lady Gueniver

"I was having the most amazing dream," he began with a heroic effort to remain in control that was greater than the effort to fight the pain inflicted by flying one celled creatures of Deneva that had almost overcome his well ordered mind with chaos and painful emotion, much as her strongly perfumed and sweetly feminine scent now assaulted him across the hot dark room with their maddening promise of the ultimate relief from the fiery inferno of his hormone fevered body, "you were trying to tell me something."

She raised her periwinkle eyes, letting the tears of defeat gather and slip like dewdrops from the wet flower petals in the misty mornings of a Terran temperate rainforest down her smooth creamy cheeks now lined with unrequited love and fear for this somehow fragile yet unconquerable man of her waking dreams.

"But I couldn't hear you."