DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of Toni Cardinal-Price and is copyright (c) 1981 by Toni Cardinal-Price. This story is Rated PG-13. It was originally published in In a Plain Brown Wrapper #2.

Upon First Decision

Toni Cardinal-Price

Well, Kirk ... you've really done it now! Got yourself in a fine mess this time. And it's not as if you weren't warned. McCoy tried to explain the danger to you. Scotty, too, and especially Spock. But your bull-headedness...

It was a mistake, plain and simple. Tricorder readings showed the presence of unknown organisms, that should have been enough to convince you then and there. But you're always trying to ... prove something. What? That you're the best Captain in the fleet? That you don't give a damn about some of the comments from the crew that say you're too young for such command?

Maybe you are, because you really blew it this time!

Isolation ... Christ!

It's not bad enough that you exposed yourself to those organisms, but you should have realized by now that that crazy Vulcan would follow you. You're the Captain -- he's bound to you by that -- that Vulcan loyalty, or whatever it is.

Look at him. Just sitting there trying to ... bear the humiliation of it all. And not one spark of condemnation in his eyes when he looks at you. Only that inevitable expressionless gaze.

Yet ... there was concern. When the organism was found in your body ... he showed concern ... actually allowed it to appear in his eyes ... his face. His voice.

Funny that he let the others see it. But, he didn't seem to care. And now ... God, how he must be suffering with McCoy's poking and probing. And Christine?

The worst of it is having to sit here, naked as newborns, until the sterile field and McCoy's drugs draw the organisms from us.

Christ, Kirk ... how stupid could you be?

I guess some of the crew are laughing to themselves. Maybe they were right -- you're too damn young for command. God! You've been on board for six months and look at you.

What a mess...

It's cold. The sterile light isn't giving off much heat. Poor Spock looks almost miserable now.

But, never a word of blame.

Christ ... he's shivering. Probably freezing. Maybe if I sat with him...

No. No, I'm sure he wants to stay as far away from me as possible. Especially in this condition. I've heard that Vulcans are supposed to be almost prudish where nudity is concerned.

Come to think of it ... I've never seen him naked before. Until now. Never saw any Vulcan naked.

He doesn't look too different from any Human male. Kind of sleek, but I've heard that there's a lot of strength in that body. His slimness is deceiving...

The rest of his body looks the same. The only difference is the greenish tinge of his skin. From what I can see, he probably wouldn't have any problem making some girl very, very happy with what he's got.

Yet, I've heard Vulcans are prudish about sex, too. He is young for a Vulcan. Jeez, I wonder if he's ever even ... screwed?

What a waste of malepower if he hasn't. He's certainly got something to be proud of.

Damnit ... get your mind off sex, Kirk. It's painful enough to admit to yourself that you haven't made it with someone in over three months, but do you have to get a hard-on about it in front of your First Officer?

Besides, once you're out of this mess, you can go on leave ... look up an old friend or two.

But really, what you should do ... Well, you know how Spock enjoys chess. And, you really do owe him ... some gratitude.

You should sit down and play a game or two with him ... Just to show you ... appreciate his concern.

Besides, what can you lose?