Disclaimer: Star Trek is the property of Paramount/Viacom. This story is the property of and is copyright (c) 1977 by Gerry Downes. Originally published in Stardate: Unknown #3, Gerry Downes, editor.



Gerry Downes


Sleep has come to you at last

but rest is not always peace

and dreams are. such ethereal things,

poor substitutes for love;

Especially for love that was perfection.


The fault was not entirely yours

it simply was too much, too soon

and far too many choices

in opposed, eternal conflicts;

Believe this with me, it was -- impossible.


Forget it now and let your dreams

take away departure's guilt

for I have learned from you

what it means to love;


Give me now the pain of your -- aloneness.


Jim, be one with me and