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You Know You're from Borg when...


You think WD40 is a miracle skin cream.

You plan a vacation with 4 million of your most intimate friends.

Your alcove has bumper stickers reading "Honk if you love technology" and "My Queen can beat up Your Queen."

The names Picard and Janeway are synonymous with the antichrist.

You no longer worry about sunscreen, night creams, or leave-in conditioner.

The designation 7 of 9 has been retired.

You have nightmares of fluidic space.

Your fantasies of owning a sporty little spaceship have changed to becoming a sporty little spaceship.

You believe an electric pencil sharpener would make a great pet.

You get a headache and break out in hives when you think about individuality.

You have a crush on the Enterprise.