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by DebbieB


It was said anything could be had for a price. And though processes had been perfected which rendered the use of silk worms barbaric at worst, redundant at best, there were still those who were willing to pay top price for the real thing.

A Starfleet officer's salary for an entire month, for instance.

But it was worth it to feel the subtle textures, the unmistakable smoothness of real silk stockings against the skin. Fingers carefully unfolded each sublime article, carefully designed to accommodate longer, less fragile legs. Light shone through the opaque brown fabric, pulled taut against the lean hand.

The door was locked. No need for crewmates to know about this little indulgence. Nobody would understand anyway. And why should they? Replicators could produce silk far superior to the real thing.

But replicators could not produce the thrill of inch after inch covering long, firm legs. Replicators could not simulate the feel in the pit of the stomach as first one, then the other stocking was attached to the garter belt.

No, this was a pleasure which could not be replicated.

Silk stockings. Spiked heels. Garters.

The feeling expanded, enveloped, filled the cabin with a surreal exotic anticipation. The bed seemed softer, more inviting, as the back of the legs pressed through silk into the firm mattress.

Images swirled. Spock, on the bed. Chapel, standing. Silk surrounding, silk encompassing. Wrists fastened, ankles firmly bound-silk.

It was unbearable. It couldn't last long enough -- it never lasted long enough. The image was too powerful. Hands moved lower, finding that spot which would move the moment forward to its logical outcome. So close, so close.

Finally, a cry. A release. Tiny beads of perspiration filtered through the silk stockings.

Spock released his breath, finally finding the strength to straighten the garters and hose he wore with such gleeful recklessness.

No one could ever find out about this.


The End