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Jim reluctantly pulled himself away from Uhura’s passionate kiss and mumbled an apology.  "I’ll be right back."  Rising from his bunk he searched for their discarded clothes and spotted the pirate jacket he had worn to the Harvest Costume Dance they had attended earlier.  Grabbing it off the floor he rescued the pocket’s contents.

Returning to the bed he gazed teasingly at its occupant.  Dangling a small jar of caramel sauce between two fingers, Jim laughed softly.  "I’m hungry for dessert."  Twisting the lid open and tossing it on his nightstand, he studied her naked body as if making a strategic military maneuver.

"What do you think your going to do with that, mister?" Uhura said in a tone that left no doubt she was wary of his intensions.

Within a few moments, Jim Kirk had lowered his body between her spread legs and wiggled to rest his chin on her abdomen, stretching flat.  He hugged her hips tightly between his elbows.  Bringing the jar up and placing it teasingly against his cheek, he caressed it with a loving sigh.  "Ahh, my favorite --caramel!"

"You spill one drop on me and you are in trouble."  Uhura tried to be stern but a small giggle escaped her throat.

Jim’s face lit with a radiant, albeit indignant, smile. "Spill?  I wouldn’t think of risking it. Such a waste."

Uhura shook her head in wonder.  "How do you smile like that?  It makes my heart dance every time."

With an even bigger smile, Jim poked one finger into the jar and pulled out a dab of the luscious golden sauce.  Slowly, he spread it on Uhura’s stomach, circling her navel.  As his tongue took the first lick he felt her shiver.  Taking a second one, he stopped to suck on her velvety soft skin, slowly dappling small kisses and nips where the cream still glistened.  "Delicious," he sighed between flickers of his greedy tongue.

Uhura had lifted her belly closer to his mouth, a sensuous moan encouraging his efforts.  Jim’s tongue darted into her belly button, teasing the small nub inside.  “Mmmmm, sweet l’tle innie,” he muttered incoherently.  Giving small kisses around the nub, he raised his head to see her contented expression.

Uhura had flopped her head back, a Cheshire cat grin lighting her own face.

"So, you tease me over my smile but look at yours."  Jim’s tender voice seduced the atmosphere as he watched her reaction.

"Oh yeah?"  Without moving her head she laughed, "But your smile hides a devilish little boy inside.  You love hiding behind it."

Jim moved a few inches up her body and carefully proceeded to put another dollop of caramel on her midriff.  Drawing like a finger painter creating a masterpiece of small swirls, his finger tickled her skin.  "Spock says my smile is charming," he suddenly spoke in the same seductive tone.

Uhura shifted her pillow to raise her head so she could gaze into his eyes.  Their hazel gaze had flecks of green that teased in the dim lighting and softened more while watching her.

"Is there something I should know about you and your First Officer?" she asked with another smile caressing her own dark eyes.

He chuckled, "It was on the landing party last week, on Nimbus III."

"Your second in command is flirting with you during a mission?"  Pretending to be shocked, she looked seriously at him.  "And what did the rest of the landing party think of that?  Or were they admiring your smile as well?"

Jim went back to giving her velvet textured skin a delicate bath with his tongue.  Only half-finished, he returned to his story.  "They were too busy being nervous over the spears pointed at them," he explained.

"I guess that would distract … them from you … and Spock."  She found the words needed to keep from moaning.  Jim’s mouth had returned to inhaling each molecule of sticky sauce from her skin.  His warm mouth tortured her body’s texture with slow mesmerizing strokes, suddenly making Uhura feel like a melted bowl of ice cream.

"You said – t…th…ey were frien…d…ly."  This time noticeable moans followed her incoherent speech.

Taking a long kiss, then a puckered suck -- one he knew would leave a mark -- Jim smiled up at her as she once again gazed into his tender eyes.

Damn, she thought, his eyes are sweeter to watch than the taste of caramel.

"They were just curious.  As you recall -- that is if you can think at the moment -- to recall."  He swirled strong fingers against the curved flesh of a breast, and watched her try to not squirm.  "We didn’t speak the language, and I was led to believe there wasn’t anyone in that area.  So much for sensors, when minerals loom in the hills."  His tone had a sudden hard hedge that Uhura knew was his concern for putting his crew in danger.

Jim had become quiet, concentrating on massaging her stomach and breasts with delicate moves.  He again poked his finger into the jar and pulled out a finger-full of caramel.  Sliding further up, he took a moment to brush his groin against her upper thighs.  For a few moments the hazel eyes closed, and a soft sensual look enraptured his features.

"Tell me," she whispered, her voice deeper from the passion he was lighting in her groin.

Returning his attention to heaping the caramel on her breast, Jim spread its lotion around the aureole of her deep brown nipple.  He painted the circle wider, seemingly fascinated by the art work displayed for his pleasure.

"I knew I had to find a way to let them know we didn’t want trouble."  His voice was dream-like, lost in the moment as he continued to massage.  "So I thought of the most delightful memory -- and smiled."

A gentle laughter shook the warm body beneath him, and Jim looked up to see his lady love peering through moist eyes at him.  "You smiled," she said with laughter dripping from her tone.

"It wasn’t that funny."  He protested in amusement, enjoying the sound of her teasing.  "And it worked -- the leader put his spear down and smiled back.”

"It’s a good thing he had a sense of humor.  So is that when Spock flirted with you?"  She watched him slightly blush and wiggled her hips slowly beneath him.  Uhura knew how deeply he treasured his friendship with Spock and she loved the Vulcan for the loyalty he showed his captain and best friend.

"My rigid First Officer informed me afterwards that I could charm the fangs off a Wild Sehlat."  Jim shook his head in mock wonder.  "And they say Vulcan’s don’t have a sense of humor."  His attention had returned to the gooey layer of caramel, and he licked the outside rim of the circle he had drawn.

"Oh, he wasn‘t … teas…ing," she whispered.  A sweet electric pulse tingling along with his tongue, surged through her body.

Continuing to work in circles, Jim reluctantly avoided the center prize.  Swallowing the sweet creamy sauce, he marveled over the taste when combined with Uhura’s spicy perspiration.  He savored the fact that each tidbit that clung to his tongue was enhanced by the delicate whimpers that echoed from her throat.  The sounds made his own body tremble in response.

Feelings traveled down Uhura’s body, moving from her chest to a small area of pleasure drifting through her groin in hints of cascading waves.  She moved her hips in their own circular pattern against his hips.  Thoughts of frustration started nipping at her nerves -- the desire to have him move up and enter her -- yet not wanting to relent from the glories that his sensual mouth was causing her breast.  When he added more caramel to the other one she truly felt tortured by the slowness of his actions.  It was exquisite.

Jim moved his hips to her rhythm, gaining strength as he, at last, centered on his latest prize -- her nipple.  It was already hard and swelled with anticipation when he captured it between his teeth, letting them gently glide from base to tip.  His free hand roamed to the arching nipple of the breast he had already devoured and he pulled playfully on the nub.  Rubbing it firmly between his fingers, he sucked harder on the prey in his mouth.

Uhura’s voice sang in abandoned cries of delight.  Her lovers body was hard and pushing between her legs as her breasts filled will pleasure from his moist mouth.  "Sweet, Jim."

Dropping the nearly empty jar from his hand and ignoring its thump on the carpet, Jim lunged upwards with his body dragging against hers forcefully, and captured her mouth in his. Now aligned to attain her center, he continued rotating his hips against her.  With her thighs spread wider and reaching towards his body’s commands, he thrust inside without pause.  Continuing the gyrating motion to sink deeper, the luscious body beneath him matched each move with an equal passion.

They both groaned into each others mouths as the final purchase of their bodies met.  Wrapping her arms tightly around him, Uhura clung with a firmer hold as he released her mouth and gazed into her deep brown eyes.  Jim nudged her hips higher, just enough to encase himself deeper -- moving in and out with a vigorous hunger.  With her legs wildly open, she let her body slam against his increasing demands.

A deep guttural groan emerged from Jim’s throat when Uhura reached up to suck his neck.  She could still taste the caramel that had transferred from his lips to hers and licked his skin’s moisture to add to the flavor.  Her taste buds exploded with the excitement of savoring the man she loved just as her loins began their own final demands.

Clutching tighter, Uhura’s hips moved to capture him securely inside by wrapping her legs around his thrusting buttocks.  Her crotch tightened devouringly with the orgasm as the man inside her plunged forward and spasmed in his own uncontrolled release.  Uhura savored the warming sensation of his semen filling her insides.  With her own spasms slowly decreasing, her vaginal muscles milked Jim with lingering yearning.  She leisurely allowed herself to focus on the tingling joy her body felt -- so content.

Uhura lay half -asleep, cradled between her beloved’s arm and torso.  Tucking her head tighter against his chest, murmurs of sweet contentment slipped through her lips.

Jim chuckled.  "You sound mildly happy at the moment."

"You could bump that ‘mildly’ up a few notches," she teased, allowing a soft yawn to escape.

"Just a few?  I fear I let my lady down."

"Impossible!" she reassured him, cuddling tighter to Jim’s body.  She draped her leg over his thigh, claiming her territory like a stray alley cat capturing its prey.  Jim‘s tone softly whispered what was on his mind.  "I was just thinking how you have a way of making me talk about the strangest things when we’re in bed.  Maybe we should send you to the Klingons to do espionage."

A not too gentle slap against his butt brought out a protesting laugh.  "Perhaps not."  He relented.

"I am curious though," Uhura said after a few moments of enjoying being cradled in his strong arms.  "What was the delightful memory that made you smile at the spear toting men?"

Jim’s eyes twinkled with mischief.  "I’ll show you."  Letting go of his treasure, he leaned over the edge of the bed and retrieved the jar of caramel.  One long finger quickly scooped out the last of the sauce and he set the container on his nightstand.  Cuddling close to Uhura, he positioned himself so his head rested on one side of her chest.  Studying the other fully ripe breast he slowly -- once again -- surrounded the deep brown nipple with caramel.  Spreading the last of the sauce atop its mound, he sighed with contentment.

Turning his gaze upwards he smiled at her questioning look.  "Taste," he teased, then pushed his sticky finger into her mouth.

Slowly Uhura sucked the sweet nectar off his digit.  Licking her lips she returned his lazy smile.  "You haven’t answered my question."

His eyebrows danced with a tease and he lowered his head back to study her caramel iced breast.  "Yes, I have," he whispered seductively, staring at his creation.  "It‘s a fantasy that always makes me smile:  Uhura caramel apple."


The End