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Letter to Santa


Dear Santa,

I'll have what she's having! You know ... the tall blonde Ice Maiden in Sickbay? Think her name's Church or Chapel. Something like that. What I mean is, Santa, she has the most gorgeous hunk on the entire ship panting after her, and she doesn't even see it! Talk about dense! Of course, the rumors all say she's the one who has the hots for him, but you couldn't tell it by me. I mean, I work around her sometimes, and believe me, that is one cool cucumber.

Besides, she has half the men on this ship fantasizing about what they'd like to do with her in an isolated jeffries tube. None of them approach her, though, because they don't want to cross him. Not a wise career move, if you know what I mean. And then, there he is, always pretending like she doesn't get to him. Geesh!

But I see things, you know? I wasn't top of my xenopsychology class at the Academy for nothing! And this poor guy has it bad. Really bad. He tries to cover it up, all stiff and stone faced around her, but underneath it all he's practically drooling. If it weren't for the fact that he's probably the smartest, most beautiful male anything I've ever seen, I might even say it was disgusting. You should see the way he looks at her when he thinks no one is watching. I mean, thank God Vulcans don't have x-ray vision! You know what I mean?

And it's such a waste, if you ask me. While he's pining away in secret for her, he could have someone who could really give him some good loving, like me, maybe. I guess what it boils down to, Santa, is I'd like to request a transfer for Christmas ... HERS! Maybe if she wasn't around anymore, some of the rest of us might stand a chance. And believe me, I'm not the only one!


Lieutenant Mary Sue Davies

Xeno Research Lab 1

U.S.S. Enterprise

P.S. I'll understand if you can't fulfill my request. In that case, I'd like a pair of gold and silver IDIC earrings with real diamond studs in the center and for pierced ears. You know what I mean? Thanks! :o)