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Rule the Night

Catherine K. Kaufman

The door eerily slid open on the darkened room. Like everything else that had occurred since we had investigated the loss of the transport ship, Scout, everything worked the same but differently. The differences were the stuff of nightmares.

The soft swish of fabric accompanied the movement of the figure who came into the room. No footsteps sounded even though the shadow was obviously walking into the room.

I was hiding in the sleeping alcove in the darkest and smallest place I could find, out of sight. I had run there the minute I knew what I had done. I had allowed himself to think of her. I couldn't hold out against the grief any more. I quickly extinguished the flame of the Watcher. There was no hope for me anyway. There was no hope for any of us. Not since Christine had died.

The record tapes we had found from the ship as it orbited New Salem had told of Vampires on Salem. I had been of the opinion that either the crew was over imaginative or delusional, so we beamed the only body we had found to the Enterprise for an autopsy. It had been the captain of the Scout. He had left a warning for all ships to stay clear of the Scout and, should they board her and find him apparently dead, to leave immediately and put the planet and the ship under quarantine. The captain had jettisoned the warp core and blown up the impulse engines.

It was my fault that she had died. I knew that. It was my stubborn refusal to believe in human myths and legends that had brought catastrophe to the ship. She had been the first victim. She had been finishing up with the clean-up from the autopsy when she was attacked. Once she was killed, she would have been deadly enough, but she eliminated what had killed her, her human hunting instincts and intelligence proving her more than a match for the deadly Scout captain in her new form.

She had called in with a migraine the following day shift when the light levels on the lower decks were at their brightest. At night, she hunted. In a single night, she had taken most of engineering. Dr. McCoy was hard pressed with all the bodies that began coming in. In the confusion, another twelve hours passed and then Dr. McCoy became deceased as well as all of the sickbay staff.

The next night security fell, followed by science sections. The bridge crew stayed on the bridge, emergency lighting as high as it would go. We recorded the same messages that the poor captain of the Scout had. We jettisoned the recorders in probes, pods, anything that would take it away from us and the planet. We separated the saucer from the main warp drive unit. We had set the warp core to overload. It did, killing 75 percent of them. But not Christine. We disabled the engines on the saucer section. At least we succeeded that much. It would be our only victory.

It was down to the Captain, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov and myself. Soon the emergency lighting began to fail. All of us were issued phasers to kill as many as we could and then kill ourselves. The lights had blinked out finally. We were in total darkness. We were sure this was it. But nothing happened. No one came. The Captain had us jury rig some of the controls to generate some light. Enough for us to see, but not deadly enough to keep them out. Still no one came. There were three escape pods left. The Captain ordered us all to try to make it to them. We hugged each other one last time. Even I did. The cause was more than sufficient. We left one by one.

I had tried to get to one. But every route I took ended up with me coming face to face with a Vampire. None of them tried anything. Finally, wondering if I was immune because of my copper based blood, I tried to get past one of them. Vampires are unbelievably strong. Once the male had wrestled me to the ground and was prepared to bite, a second came in and said, "Hold! That one is for Mistress Christine only." The Vampire who had me roared his frustration but let me up quickly. I turned to look at the other Vampire and it was ... or had been McCoy. That is when my blood ran cold.

He looked at me, his blue eyes blazing with a hellish light. A wicked grin exposed two very sharp fangs. He laughed, "That's right. Christine was saving YOU for last." He walked up to me and gave me an evil look. "She has a message for you." My mouth had gone completely dry. I tried to swallow but couldn't. I just stared. No words of reply would come. "She says to tell you that since running away from her is what you're good at, she wants to see how long you can do it. She wants you to make the chase last a long time so that she can enjoy the anticipation of having you for as long as possible." He began to laugh as my face which had to have been pale before blanched completely white. My heart was pounding wildly but I couldn't seem to get the blood to my head.

"I would start runnin', boy, if I were you!" the evil visage of McCoy said and, as he totally exposed his teeth in the open mouth roar that came from him, I fled, not even remembering when I had moved.

I had raced through every place I could think of. Finally, I had ended up in ten forward to find that she was there. So was Jim. He was in the grip of two other males. Suddenly I felt unbelievably strong hands clamp my upper arms and hold me fast. In the lower light, she was breathtaking. Her hair shown with an unnatural lunar light. Her skin was alabaster and flawless and young. Her lips were ruby and her eyes... Her eyes had deepened to a sapphire blue, burning with a clear brilliance.

She had changed her clothes. She wore a beautiful black gown. It was sleeveless, exposing her beautiful shoulders. It clasped around her neck and gravity made it fall in all the right places. She took two steps toward me. I felt like prey before her. A cold smile, beautiful and deadly crossed her features as she considered me. She turned and looked at Jim. I could see that the dress plunged down the back to almost expose her cheeks.

"You have held his heart captive so that he could never love anyone else. You are about to pay for being so selfish," she said to him. She looked back at me, "I will not bring him into eternity with us, love. I want you to know that he is dead and that I took him."

I struggled and finally a wail came from me, "Christine!" She hesitated. I wet my lips and tried again, "Christine, you are right not to bring him into eternity with us. Let him live. Bring me across. He won't be of any consequence to us then." She just smiled and said, "He is of no consequence now. If I let him go, it would only be to be torn apart by the lesser minions. Would you wish that on him? I am going to give him the easiest death I can. I am just not going to bestow him eternal life. He had you in the first life. I will have you in the second." I turned my head knowing that she was right.

I caught Jim's eyes and held them. I couldn't say anything and shortly I could barely see anything as tears filled them. I turned my head to hide them. Christine, who I hadn't heard come beside me, turned my head back towards Jim. "No," she said. "You will not hide from him as he breathes his last as you have hidden from me. He deserves to see your grief at his death. You owe him that much." I looked at her through my now falling tears and nodded my assent. She was right. Christine walked slowly back to Jim. He looked at her, a lamb to the slaughter. She lowered her mouth to his neck and bit. At first he flinched back, but then he started to moan. The moans I thought at first were of pain, but the more it went on the more I realized that they were of pleasure. I had heard those same sounds coming from his cabin many times when he was in the throws of orgasm with yet another female conquest. Ecstasy was etched on his face and then it slowly became blank and with a final sigh he sank down quite dead. Christine had gently laid him on the floor and when she turned back to me, I was grateful that not a speck of his blood was on her face.

The two Vampires on either side released me. I stood there in shock, trying to take it all in. She moved closer and closer to me and still I stood there in a trance. Her face filled my entire vision and then she said in a deadly whisper, "Run." And again I ran. I ran and I ran.

That was three days ago. Now I am cowering in the corner of my cabin. I had brought her to me by thinking of her. Of remembering her the way she had been before this. I had longed for her that way, not this. I felt her echoing longing and knew that I might as well have sent up a flare.

She was in my room now, very close. Finally the grief and strain of the last week would not be contained and I let out a sob. Two vice-like hands swooped down on me and had me on the bed in a blink of an eye. The pressure eased up for a moment and a dim light flickered from the watcher. I could have gotten up and tried to flee but there was nowhere to run to and I couldn't run anymore. I lay there sobbing. She came back and sat beside me on the bed. She laid a cold hand on my arm. "It isn't like that, love," she softly whispered. "I do love you. I always have and death did not change it."

"Is that what the horror of the last 5 days has been. LOVE! LOVE FOR ME?" I was screaming. I was past caring that I had lost control. It didn't matter anymore.

"Yes. Love for you. I died for you. I killed he who made me, for you. He wanted me as his. But I loved you. So I had to kill him." She looked at me steadily as if it made all the sense in the world.

"I see why you killed him. But why take anyone else, Christine?" I asked in almost a whimper.

"The urge to eat was too strong. I couldn't control it. All I could do was channel it. I can use it. Plan with it. But I don't rule it," she said, her eyes intent on mine.

"Am I the last?" I asked in a whisper.

"Yes, love, you are," she said, seduction in her voice.

She was so beautiful. "After you feed on me, will we die then?" I asked in a twisted kind of hope.

"No, love, haven't you guessed?" I shook my head. "Not even when you saw how I took your Captain?" I looked up at her with puzzled eyes. "We feed off each other," she answered. "For us, it's not just the act of eating, but the act of being born, of mingling together, of sex."

Realization dawned on me. It made sense now, how Jim had died. "But you didn't bring him over," I accused her.

She frowned slightly and gently brushed her hand through my hair. "We are organized by one dominant Vampire. It helps form a loose hierarchy that holds the blood lust in check. You know Jim would have wanted to be dominant. That would have meant my death. I love you, Spock, but I have been unselfish long enough. What I want to know is, do you care for me at all?"

"What if I say no?" I needed to know what she would do.

"I will kill you. But I will kill you as I killed your Captain, in ecstasy." She did not move. She let me decide.

I thought about the thoughts that had ultimately summoned her here. I thought about the fact that I found her very beautiful. I thought about her kindness towards Jim, even in the darkness of Vampirism. Her kindness towards me in giving me a choice. It was then that I realized that I did love her even like this. "Yes." I said at last in a soft whisper. "Yes, I care for you."

"Then trust me now and let go," she said softly as she pushed me down and lay across me.

She kissed me. It was soft, passionate and gentle. Gently she nuzzled my ear and then started down my neck. I shivered with fear and delight. Suddenly I felt a moment of sharp pain and gasped. It was almost over before it began. And then a warmth crept from the site of the bite and steadily flowed into me. A singing energy sang along the veins. I moaned as Jim had done. I felt her heartbeat next to mine. They were pounding in unison. My breath were coming faster, in pants. Suddenly she released me and stripped off her clothes and then slowly tore mine off. I thought I would die from the painful slowness of it. I was light headed. The bed was spinning.

I drew her down to me and she kissed me as before. She bit me once again and I writhed but this time I was not passive. I pulled her hips down on top of my engorged member. I had a second where part of me was surprised I could have an erection and then it ceased to matter. When I entered her, it was like completing a circuit. I penetrated her and she penetrated me. I stroked my penis in her and she stroked her fangs in me. The sensation was incredible. Our hearts once again heavily thudded in unison. I opened my mind to her and our spirits slammed together. Liquid fire was in me, through her and out all over again. It was a birth of ecstacy. I exploded inside her and somehow she came inside of me. The roar that leapt out of me at the climax was pure Vampire and I bit her hard.

We were one. And we ruled the night together.