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Trouble in Mr. Spock's Neighborhood

Catherine Kay

"Christine! Spock! You hardly drop by anymore. And in the middle of the day too!"

"I am afraid this isn't a social visit, Len. You're the only doctor that Spock will agree to see."

"What is the problem, Spock?"

*Stony Silence*

"Well, Leonard... It's just that... well?"

"Come into my office and let's see if we can't get to the bottom of this. That's right. Just sit on the big comfy couch. There. Comfortable now?"

"It's just that Spock won't let our daughter do the things that other children her age do?"

"Mmmm. Like what?"

"Well, he won't let her watch Barney."

"Is that so. Why is that Spock?"

"I find the show offensive."


"It talks of love and friendship. They sing songs with highly illogical lyrics. I don't like the color purple."

"Ok. I can understand the color bit. I agree that the lyrics to most of their songs are fanciful, but what's wrong with love and friendship?"

"It is against the teachings of Surak."

"Like you are a perfect follower of Surak?"

"I admit that I have lapses, probably due to my human half."

"Your daughter, T'Len, is even more human than you. I would cut her a little slack!"

"If you think so."

"I do."

"Very well then."

"Is that it then?"

"No. That isn't all. Do you want to tell him this time?"

"I don't see any other problems, my wife."

"Fine. It's just that, T'Len is such a little bear, and he has her in this rigorous education program. She comes in so quiet at the end of every day. It just breaks my heart."

"Children's minds must be stimulated early, my wife, to achieve the very best academically."

"She is 2 1/2!"

"Spock, I am afraid that I am on the side of Christine on this. 2 1/2 is too young for that kind of thing and actually at her age it could be harmful."


"Well, all the learning in the world is fine. But unless it is put to use creatively, it might as well sit in the books on library shelves. Now creativity is not something that is taught. It is inherent. If you wring out all the creativity at a young age ... well ... she definitely won't have any later. Sure she will do well for awhile ... but in the end she won't"

"Mmmm. I had not considered that. But then what do I do?"

"What do you mean?"

"I have made errors in what I think is appropriate TV viewing and in educational emphasis. I obviously don't know how to be a good father."

"You need to relax a little more. Play with her."

"Play with her?"

"Hold her when she needs a hug. Tell her that you find her acceptable. Listen to her. The rest should follow."

"If you say so, Doctor."

"I say so."

"Anything else?"

"No, that is just about it."

"You need to come by more often and not when there is a crisis. Bring T'Len with you. She could play with Kris and Jimmy."

"Thank you, Len. We certainly will."

"Live long and prosper."

"Same to you."