DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The story contents are the creation and property of Catherine Kay and is copyright (c) 2000 by Catherine Kay. This story is Rated NC-17 for sexual situations.

The Language of Love.....Dr. Suessian Style

Catherine Kay

"Christine. Are you saying that I have gotten boring in bed?" Spock said in a slightly petulant tone. "I hardly think you are one to talk since I am the one that provides all the fantasy locations in our mind melds."

Spock said, definitely pouting. He was half sitting up in bed and had his arms folded across his chest. He was definitely not aroused Christine could tell.

"No! I am not saying that at all. I know you do most of the work in our sexual exploits and I just think it's time you let me contribute," Christine said soothingly. She had been trying to coax him into a little diversion for the last 20 minutes.

"Christine, this is a book about the alphabet. It's not even a good book about the alphabet. In fact, it is a totally illogical book about the alphabet. You know that I am not good with total fantasy. It has to have some basis in fact," Spock argued, a little intrigued despite himself. Some of the illustrations looked like a demented child had done them.

"Well, you see that's where your intellect will come into play," Christine said striking a slightly seductive pose and making a semi serious face with just a little pout about the lips. She knew Spock found it almost irresistible.

"Well..." he wavered. She pounced on it.

"I'll go first," she said giving him a naughty look. "Big A, little a ... what begins with A. Artistically arranged asses. A ... A ... A," she said and waggled her eyebrows at him.

Spock gave her a long and speculative look and then said, "Big B, little b ... what begins with B. Big breasted Bosoms. B ... B... B."

Christine laughed delightedly and then said, "Big C, little c ... what begins with C. Clamp hooks on the ceiling. C ... C ... C."

Spock flushed a little at that one but pushed on with the beginnings of humor deep in his satin brown eyes. "Big D, little d... Desperate domestic divas dreamt a dozen dildos with a daiquiri or two." Spock by now looked positively smug.

Christine was not going to let him beat her at her own game so, "Big E, little e ... what begins with E? Exciting erotic experience... E ... E ... E." A lascivious smile spread across her face.

Spock didn't blink an eye as he held her gaze, "Big F, little f...What begins with F? Feathers, fondling, and foreplay for lubricated cleft."

Christine licked her lips and thought that the feathers were an awfully good idea for a later date. She took a deep breath and said, "Big G, little g... What begins with G? G-spots and G-strings. All my favorite things."

Spock turned positively emerald. His eyes were dancing and he almost cracked a smile. But they were only a third of the way through the alphabet. *Control,*" he told himself. Out loud he said, "Big H, little h... What begins with H? Horny hung half-human. Hey! Hey! Hey!" He raised an eyebrow at her for the best 'Hey Baby' look he could muster.

Christine laughed and shoved him down in bed and chest to chest said, "Big I, little i ... I ... I ... I. Interspecies Intercourse is Idic Exemplified."

"Hmmm," said Spock speculatively. "Big J, little j... What begins with J? Jumping Johns and Jiggling Jugs all begin that way," he said eyeing hers. Christine pushed them up on his chest teasingly.

Throatily she began, "Big K, little k.. What begins with K? Kinky, Kissing, KY used in Kommander's sexual play."

"Ah. Christine? Commander doesn't start with..." Spock began but was silenced by a deep passionate kiss.

"You were saying?" she said when it had ended leaving them breathless.

"I was saying...?" Spock said still reeling from the sexual rush.

"Good," she said in a soft seductive voice. "Your turn."

"What letter are we on?" Spock said trying to focus. In truth he was having a harder and harder time keeping his mind on the game.

"L," Christine said delighted with the result of the game so far.

"Big L, little l ... L ... L ... L," Spock began, "Lacy leggings, Lusty luscious lover licks lazily."

His breathing was definitely faster. Christine felt rather heady herself. *Why did the alphabet have to be so long?* Christine wondered. "Big M, little m... What begins with M? Mouths making music, moonlit moaning ... more tonight?" she asked him with a warm, shy smile.

His answer was to reach around her and pull her closer, the promise of moonlit moans in his eyes.

"Big N, little n... How can I comply? Nine new nighties and nudity and night sky," Spock said a secret little smile on his face as he lovingly looked at her.

"Big O, little O....O ... O ... O... Orgasmic organs open oceans of ooing...o, o, o." She found herself beginning to rub her pelvis against him.

She felt an answering stroke as he closed his eyes. When he opened them he questioned, "Do we really have to finish this?"

She could sympathize but the anticipation was a luscious torture in itself. "Where is that famous Vulcan control I always have heard so much about?"

"It's a total and complete myth," he responded earnestly.

Christine chuckled to herself. "Big P, little p... Penis. I prefer mine big!"

She had such a naughty flushed face that Spock found himself chuckling in response. He decided not to call her on cheating. He appreciated the sentiment.

Spock with laughter in his voice continued, "Big Q, little q... What begins with Q. Quivering, quaking, quenching, quickly... Q ... Q ... Q."

"Gee, and I thought that was going to be a hard one," Christine said. "Let's see. Big R, little r... Ridges raking, rosy rump rides the ruler of her racking ripples, rigidly astride," she said in a very serious intense tone.

"Okay. That's enough!" Spock said and whipping down the covers as he pressed her onto the sheet as he started to roll on top.

"Wait!" Christine said not wanting the fun to be over.

"No. I don't think so," Spock said his breath coming very fast, his face flushed with passion.

"I really want to finish this," Christine protested pushing her hands against his chest.

"Christine, much more of this and it will be finished before I can even enter you," Spock said arguing vehemently.

"Talking dirty makes you hot," she teased him in a singsong voice.

"If I say yes, will you let me take you?" Spock said ready to agree to anything as long as he didn't have to wait any longer than ten seconds.

Christine with a totally angelic expression and said, "Big S, little s... S ... S ... S." Spock moaned in frustration. "Seducing, sensual Spock, sucked six cinnamon sticks and had sex a lot!"

Out of desperation Spock said, "Big T, little t... T ... T ... T. Touching, tongues, temptress, talking teasingly."

Christine ran the tip of her tongue teasingly around her lips. Spock just shut his eyes and shook with the effort to control.

"Big U, little u... Underpants, Urgently undress, Undulating, undisguised emotions, unrepressed," she finished.

Spock's eyes were open. The pupils were very large. Christine felt like she was falling into them. She could feel her own wetness welling up. Suddenly an endorphin rush was hitting both of them and the game took on a whole different tone.

"Big V, little v... Very visual velvety vulva. V...V... V," Spock said his voice rough with passion.

"Big W, little w... Wanting warmly writhing waiting... w... w... w," she said to him breathlessly in one ear whispering.

"Big X, little x... X ... X ... X. Xenophilic, xenogeneric, x-chromosome, x-rated." His tone of voice was very suggestive ... making the words seeming to link together.

"Big Y, little y... Yes, yielding, yearning for you," she said not thinking she could stand one more minute of the tension and losing the rhyme.

"Big Z, little z... What begins with Z? Zippers, zany, zygote... Please, I need you now, Christine!" Spock begged.

And nine months later they were reading Dr. Suess a lot.