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All in the Galaxy

Catherine Kay

[Spock is swept from sweet oblivion to ... ]

"Oh! Spock! There you are!" Christine said as she rushed forward to hug him and pull him into her mind.  "I was so worried that I wouldn't see you again, what with that Mr. Henoch fooling everyone." She pulled back from the tight embrace with a delighted grin on her face.

"Watch the grinning, will ya Christine? I'm sure it's not good for my Vulcan brain!" harrumphed Spock, drawing back and all but shoving her away.  Spock looked around her mind and said, sniping, "The least you could do is give me a chair. This could take awhile and I don't want to be standing for the whole thing!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Spock," Christine said contritely.

[A psychic overstuffed well used high backed chair appears]

"There you go. Can I get you anything?" Christine asked, solicitousness itself.

"Well, now that you mention it, a beer would be nice," Spock said with a trace of sarcasm in his voice as he seated himself in the chair.

"Coming right up!" she said gleefully as she ran to a swinging kitchen door that had just materialized at the end of a room whose walls were indeterminate in color or size.

"Oh, geez!" Spock said to himself. "I would have to get mind locked with the resident Florence Nightingale."

"Here it is, Spock!" Christine said shrilly as she ran back with the opened can of beer.

"Well, that's better," said Spock as he took a sip. Christine seated herself in a chair next to a small nondescript end table that materialized just before Spock put the can of beer down on it. A coaster materialized under the can almost as an after thought.

"How was your day, Spock?" Christine asked, all ears and still grinning.

"Didn't I tell you to watch that grinning?" Spock snapped at her.

"Oh, sorry, Spock. I guess I forgot," Christine said as she tried to pull her face into a serious frown.

Spock leaned back in his chair and said, "I guess it could have been better. But it could have been worse. I could have found myself linked to McCoy."

He let go a belch.

"Oooo, Spock." Christine sat and giggled at him. Spock gaves her a pained expression.

"How was your day?" Spock asked, not really wanting to know but asking to stop the annoying laughter.

"Fine. Well except ... " Christine said and maked a little worried face.

"Except whaaaaat?" Spock said mostly out of reflex as he took another sip of beer.

"Well, except for the fact that Captain Kirk is dead because Henoch was poisoning his body by not giving him the right formula," Christine finished.

Spock's eyebrows rose at this. He opened his mouth to say something but before he could ... Christine was off and running with more explanation.

"Although really it's Sargon who is dead after all cause he was the person in Captain Kirk's body but I don't see how the Captain can possibly get back into his body by himself and I don't think you can help him cause you're in my body now after all."

Spock's eyes were getting wider and wider as the constant stream of words kept coming. He waited a beat to see if had really finished and said, "Sargon is responsible for putting me into your mind as you well know. He is not dead."

"Really? I really thought he was dead. So I guess Captain Kirk isn't dead but his body is dead so maybe he is dead after all. I mean you can't really be alive if your body is dead now, can you?"

"I'm alive and my body is elsewhere," Spock said, drinking harder on the beer. He was getting a headache.  "Maybe we should see what's on the TV, there, Christine," Spock suggested, trying to get out of this ludicrous conversation.

"What should I turn it to, Spock?" Christine asked him.

"How about the bridge station? You happen to be standing in it," Spock said dryly.

"Oh!" Christine said, blushing. "Of course. Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because you are a V'nakrinar," Spock said in Vulcan with a self-satisfied expression.

"What's a V'nkdlm?" Christine asked, totally mangling the word.

"A ding-bat" Spock said enunciating very syllable clearly.

"Oh, Spock!" Christine said, ruffled and obviously hurt.

"The TV, Christine!" Spock ordered impatiently.

"Oh, right," she said as she went over and turned it on.

It showed Henoch sitting in the command chair with Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy also on the bridge.

"You were wrong about the Captain," Spock pointed out.

She shushed him as she tried to hear what was being said. He gave her an affronted look.

["Christine, take the hypo from the good doctor and inject it into Captain Kirk," commanded Henoch evilly. Christine took the hypo.]

Spock said irritably, "What are you doing?"

"Why, I'm going to inject it into Captain Kirk," Christine said reasonably.

"Why?" Spock asked hotly.

"Because Henoch told me to," Christine said as if it was blatantly obvious.

"Don't be a dope, Christine. You were just upset a minute ago that Captain Kirk's dead and now that he is alive, you're going to kill him?" Spock asked unbelievingly.

"Well, I am suppose to be Henoch's drone," Christine replied.

"Drone? You're a drone all right but not Henoch's. You're my drone, Christine. Don't you remember?" Spock asked, looking for the lights to go on in the other person's mind-face. When Christine continued to be confused he added. "Heh?" Christine was now looking completely confused.

Spock grabbed a hold of Christine by the upper arms and said, "Just shoot the hypo into Henoch, okay?"

"Well, if you think that's for the best, Spock," Christine said doubtfully.

"It is and then this whole thing will be over and we can go back to our lives," Spock said in a comforting tone.

[Christine wheeled and injected Henoch with the hypo. The TV narration resumes. "Ha! I'll just transfer to another body! Sargon! No, Sargon, please! I have to transfer. Let me transfer ... " Spock's body crashed to the floor]

Christine says, "You would think that somebody would try to at least catch your body when it fell. So I guess that means that we are together forever now." Spock's eyes just about popped out of his head.

"Perish the thought, Christine!" he said acerbically. Christine pouted.

[The TV drones on ... "Spock. Spock. If only there had been another way," Kirk lamented holding his first officer close to him.]

Christine shot Spock a look and said, "You don't even let me touch you that way. Are you sure the rumors aren't true?"

Spock rolled his eyes and said, "How could I LET him touch me, Christine. I am here with you, aren't I?"

"Oh! That's right, Spock. You are," Christine said, all smiles again.

Spock leaped out of his chair and went to the front door that he entered into Christine's mind with and opened it. There was nothing but black oblivion. He slammed it shut.

"What the HELL is taking so long!" Spock sulked.

"Oh! Don't get all upset, Spock. It's not good for your low blood pressure. Just sit down and watch the television," Christine said as she urged him back into his chair. Spock sighed.

[A voice from the TV boomed. "How could I allow you to sacrifice one who is so close to you." And with a zap Spock was lifted out of Christine's mind and put in his own.]

"I don't understand," McCoy ranted as Spock slowly stood up. "I put enough poison in that hypo to kill ten Vulcans."

"No. I allowed you to believe that you did so that Henoch would read your mind and believe it too," Sargon's disembodied voice said.

"But I saw Spock's sphere destroyed. Where was Spock?" Captain Kirk asked of the ethereal Sargon.

"In the last place Sargon would have suspected," Sargon answered.

Spock looked at Christine and thanked every ancestor he had ever remember hearing of that he was back in his own body. Christine sniffed, teary eyed and said, "We shared consciousness together."

Spock rolled his eyes and decided to thank any other deity that was listening as well.

"Sounds kind of kinky," McCoy replied with teasing grin.

"I assure you it was a most distressing experience." Spock said earnestly. "You would not believe the illogical impulses that I was constantly bombarded with."