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Catherine Kay


Not an unpleasant person to look at

No, definitely not.

Yet alien.

Tall and fearless like a warrior of old.

But it is not the shape of the body

that draws me but the shape of the mind.

The power of the mind sweeps out

to touch everyone it meets.

Being psi sensitive, myself, it nearly knocks

me off my feet. Then I feel something elemental

and very spiritual in me try to answer that call.

Try to meet it.

He senses

my unease but doesn't understand at first.

I can't think in this heat!

My mind tries to infuse itself throughout

but atypically fails. There's just too much of him.

I can't get the measure of him.

There's nothing to grab onto ... just drown in.

But even though I am no match

I find myself caught like a comet become a moon.

Once free now helpless in the gravitation

created by that powerful mind. I can't move. I can't

move on.

A mind that sweeps out to me in

unguarded moments holds me at times like

a lover's caress. He doesn't know this. It's a part

of him.

No matter how hard I've tried to make him wary

of me. It still comes. And God help me but

I can't refuse it.

And so I'm trapped. Sometimes seeing what he

sees. Sometimes feeling what he feels.

Feeling the love he has and wondering if he will make room

for me.

I was warned what would happen if I married a psi-null.

I just didn't understand at the time. Now I do.