Disclaimers: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. Copyright © 1980 by Toni Cardinal-Price. Originally printed in Enter-Comm #3.

Rebirth in an Instant

Toni Cardinal-Price

He's back!

Stepped into my life in the midst of chaos,

Stopping my heart,

Shaking the very depths of my soul

With his mere presence.

He's back!

No words uttered,

No explanations offered,

Yet, just one look in his eyes,

And I know our years apart

Have been as hard for him,

As they were for me.

Now, loneliness and pain are forgotten,

Swept away by the sound of his voice.

He's back!

And suddenly everything is all right.

There is no situation I cannot handle,

No danger I cannot face,

No threat I cannot conquer.

For he is at my side once more.

My world is complete,

I am whole,

And we are one again.

He's back!

My God ... he's back!

And whatever secret trouble he holds inside,

I will help him overcome,

help him find the self

He's searched so long for.

I know I can it this time,

I know I can!

Because ... he's back!

We're together again the way it was meant to be,

Now ...

Always ...

And I thank whatever powers that be

For bringing him back home.