DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. This poem is the creation and property of Voile cha Krech and is copyright (c) 2004 by Voile cha Krech.

To a Bondmate

Voile Cha Krech

So beautiful mine love, so tender and sweet

Watching thee untouched my desires run deep

And so I still and suffer more

For thou hast laid upon my shores

And I cannot forget thee

What do I say in my time of need

My soul laid bare, my desperate pleas

Thine body so ripe but poisonous fruit

Thine heart is taken, thine will is mute

And I cannot forget thee

And what do I know in my darkest hours

But thoughts of thee, my forbidden flower

Ne'er to be kissed, ne'er to be taken

All and forever an angel forsaken

And I cannot forget thee