DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. The poem contents are the creation and property of Beverley Clark and is copyright (c) 1975 by Beverley Clark. Originally printed in Rigel 1.

Still Fire: Spock

Beverley Clark

Still waters run deep, they say.

Is depth then still?

Under that calm and quiet face,

Is there no motion?

I touch you, so.

You look; your eyes touch me

From the unknown bottom of you;

Your hand is still.

Quenched before the fire begins;

You will not burn.

Waves of fire flow around you;

A bush in the midst of conflagration,

You are not consumed.

Will you not leap alight,

Kindled by my flame?

Will you not become a fire,

Your waves flowing to meet my shore?

Can I not move you?

What reaches that still depth?

Surely some spark escapes the bottom,

Whirling, from the black hole of your eyes,

Up to me, waiting to be lit.