Disclaimer: Star Trek is the property of Paramount/Viacom. This poem is the property of and is copyright (c) 1978 by Bev Clark. Originally published in Time Warp #2.

The Fiery Void (as if by Scott)

Beverly Clark

Aye, Lord, terrible is Your void,

Your four-dimensional vastness

depth upon depth upon depth.

One molecule per square kilometer, is it,

or centimeter? No matter.

Infinity times zero is zero.

Transinfinity, though -- another matter:

beyond the last barrier the tachyons roam,

behind the veil of time

that hides Your face. And what is man,

O Lord, that Ye allow us to rend that veil?

Aleph-null and counting, off we go

into the wild blue of the other side,

perhaps to penetrate infinity itself.

Ach! And a grand gift it is Ye gie us!

See the red star here -- blue tha' side.

See the impossible trans-blue giant.

See how the tachyons come and go,

and see them jump the gap.

Be Science damned to Hell -- I ken the reason

why they do. (And God forgive ma blasphemy.)

I see the tachyons spin their lucent web

between. Fiat lux. Fiat ether electrified.

Aflame, the sub-etheral arteries feed the hearts --

a multitude of hearts to warm eternity --

that pierce the veil and break the dark,

lighting our way this side,

pillars of fire still.

Aye, Lord, wonderful is Your void.