DISCLAIMER: The Star Trek characters are the property of Paramount Studios, Inc. This poem is the creation and property of M. L. "Steve" Barnes and is copyright (c) 1978 by M. L. "Steve" Barnes. Originally published in Pastaklan Vesla #5.

Spock Joined

M. L. "Steve" Barnes

You stand alone, safe within the citadel of your logic,

While I seek a way to storm the walls.

Can it be that I am mistaken?

Are they right? Are there truly

No emotions there?

No, the eyes betray the owner. The look

Reveals compassion ... more

I see the need of one alone.


Has there ever been a sadder word?

And yet you are unmoving, unable to reach out,

To grope through darkness toward a warmer life,

You stand alone, vulnerable in your human solitude.

I have found the way to breach the wall,

I was not mistaken. The feelings

Do exist. Locked away, it's true,

But there.

If you cannot take my hand,

Then I will take yours,

A friend to share

The emptiness of space.

To stroll among the frozen stars,

And, singing, stand with you

To watch the fire of the dawn.