The Stories of
Lois Welling
The Displaced Stories
The DisplacedRated R.  A full length novel by Lois Welling.  Spock has been captured by slavers and taken to a camp on Towan.  There he is placed in a cell with three females.  His purpose?  To serve as "stud" in a horrible breeding experiment to produce more slaves for the Towans.
TransitionRated PG13.  A full length novel by Lois Welling.  In  the sequel to "The Displaced", Spock, Susan and their children return to Vulcan and attempt to resume a normal life. But there are issues Sue has never resolved ... and a mission into the past via the Guardian of Forever may be the answer.
The Sannen and Ann Stories
The LytheretteRated PG13.  Spock's son Sannen is shocked when a Human woman he doesn't know returns a gift to him that he never expected ... his late father's Vulcan harp. Curious to know more about how she got it, he falls into another gift he didn't expect ... a love affair.
My Word, Now GivenRated PG.  Ann and her new Vulcan husband head out together on his first ambassadorial assignment and then go amazingly well. For a while anyway, then things take a disastrous turn.
Ambassador's LadyRated PG.  Spock's son, Sannen, has married a human woman and followed the family tradition of becoming an ambassador.  But his wife finds that the diplomatic service isn't as exciting as she had thought.
Winner Take NoneRated PG.  Sannen's son Sajon is bonded to a young Vulcan girl, T'Sathe. When her family is killed in an aircar crash, the injured girl is taken into Sannen's home. But there she meets Sajon's disabled brother, Sian, and begins to grow attached to the wrong man.
Stand Alone Stories
Covenant. Rated PG.  A full-length novel by Lois Welling.  Sarek has found a suitable mate for his son and Spock agrees that T'Ayrian is a worthy partner.  But following the wedding, Spock returns to the Enterprise and the long-distance marriage immediately begins to have serious problems.
Covenant in the MirrorRated PG.  A "Mirror" universe version of "Covenant".  Sarek has found a suitable mate for Spock and the nuptials take place.  However, Spock's new wife seems to have an agenda of her own.
Kroykah! Or, Enough Already. Rated PG.  Spock's kuhn-ut-kali-fee has gone exactly as T'Pau wanted it to ... and T'Pring has fulfilled her role well.
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