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Spock and Christine Stories
After AllRated PG. Shortly after the V'Ger mission, the Enterprise is sent to investigate the mysterious happenings on Exo III ... and the whole mission conjures up spectres of the past for Christine.
Be Careful What You Wish ForRated PG. Unrequited love can be wonderful.  Requited love can be just the opposite.
BondingsRated PG. When 7-year-old Spock meets a little blonde Terran girl on the streets of ShiKahr, something mysterious passes between them.
Brotherly LoveRated PG. Spock has waited too long to express his love for Christine.  Now she's gone and he discovers to his shock that she has found a new love ... his brother Sybok.
Christine's PleaRated G. Following Platonius, Spock stumbles upon Christine in the ship's chapel ... and accidentally overhears a very private conversation she's having with God.
A Dream in My HandRated PG. Christine's daughter finds an old trunk in the attic and her mother begins to tell her of all her lost hopes and dreams.
The Greatest SacrificeRated PG. Number One must give up the thing she values most ... her baby daughter Christine.
The Quest:  A Christmas StoryRated G. All Spock and Christine's son wants for Christmas is just the hottest, latest, impossible-to-find toy on the market ... and to Christine's horror, Spock has gone and promised he'll get him one!
Santa LetterRated PG. A story challenge.  McCoy gets coerced into writing a letter to Santa.
Soccer MomRated G. A fun little vignette about kids and parents and amateur sports. Even Vulcans aren't immune.
Stolen PromisesRated PG13. A sequel to "Broken Promises" by L. P. Santos.  Spock and Christine are quietly raising their son ... but Spock has old enemies who haven't forgotten Genesis.
U.S.S. Titanic. Rated PG. A solar flare that hits their transporter beam throws Spock and Christine back in time ... and aboard the RMS Titanic, just hours before she sinks.
Ways to Take Care of These Things. Rated PG. When dashing Lt. Jack Remington comes aboard, all the women fall for him.  All except Christine, that is, and she's exactly who he sets his sights on, unaware that Spock has his eye on both of them.
A World ApartRated PG13. Christine should be the happiest woman in the world after Spock declares his love for her and his intention to marry her, but she has something in her past she can never escape.
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