The Stories of
A Fateful Meeting. Rated PG.  Driving home late one evening, Amanda Grayson is involved in a terrible vehicle crash.  The other car is a limousine ... carrying the family of the Vulcan ambassador.
His Father's Son. Rated PG.  A young Vulcan travels to Earth and a new life, but looking out the window, he can only see his father staring back at him.
Immortal Soul. Rated PG.  Amanda has died and Sarek finds that he is having trouble letting her go.
A Matter of Trust. Rated NC17.  Sarek has been called back into service to travel to the conference on Babel and Amanda will be gonig with him.  But there have been things going on lately that he decides not to tell her about.
A Most Logical Valentine's Present. Rated PG.  Sarek and Amanda have been married for four years and, as usual, she has a Valentine's gift for him.  But this time it's something extra special.
Nocturnal Visits. Rated PG.  The sequel to "A Fateful Meeting".  Following the accident, Amanda has been staying at the Vulcan embassy.  She gets the midnight munchies and meets someone she didn't intend to meet.
Research. Rated R.  Young Sarek has taken the beautiful T'Rea for a ride in his new flitter. Not surprisingly, the flitter has engine trouble.
Silent Vows. Rated R.  Sybok has been declared an outcast and banished from Vulcan. But there are several people his exile affects.
To Lose a Brother. Rated G.  Following the loss of Sam Kirk on Deneva, Spock meditates on the brother that he lost, too.
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