The Stories of
Stand Alone Stories
Candy KissesRated PG. Ever have a bag of those little valentine candy hearts with the sayings on them?
A Christmas Carol in the 23rd CenturyRated PG. A retelling of the classic Dickens tale, this time about a cold-hearted Vulcan and the spirits that come to visit him on Christmas Eve.
Dear SantaRated PG. Spock is playing Santa, and he thinks he has the perfect gift for a secret admirer.
Gifts of GoldRated NC17. It is Sarek and Amanda's 50th wedding anniversary, and that has Spock thinking about his relationship with Christine.
Journey Home.  A poem about Spock's return to life.
Last WordsRated PG. Sarek has died suddenly, but he has left a final message for his son ... and some words of wisdom.
MemoriesRated PG. Everyone Spock has known in his youth is gone now and the Ambassador to Romulus receives a surprise visitor.
The Purity of LoveRated NC17. Ambassador Sarek is on his way back to Vulcan when he meets an intriguing young Human on board the transport ... Dr. Amanda Grayson.
Thanks to a Dead ScientistRated R. A practical joker find the formula for the old drug Viagra and adds it to the ship's water supply.  Too bad Spock is really thirsty today.
Unwanted SympathyRated PG13. Christine has been raped by Henoch ... and afterwards she cannot bear to look at Spock.
Vulcan Love Slave MysteryRated NC17. There is a legendary holovid that has made it's way around Starfleet for decades -- "I Was A Vulcan Love Slave."  Here's the story of how it came to be...
Whatever It TakesRated NC17. Vulcans can "perform" only once every seven years.  Or maybe it's just that they need a little help.
The "Sweet 16" Series
Sweet  16.   Rated NC17. Teenage Christine Chapel is on the town and out to find some guys and have some fun.
A Day to Remember.   Rated PG13. Christine has had a one-night fling with a half-Vulcan cadet at Starfleet Academy.  Now her doctor tells her something she doesn't want to hear.
Stories By Roberta
FearRated G.  Did you ever run across something that would literally scare you to death?  A humorous vignette.
Going HomeRated PG.  Spock has been away from home for a very long time.  Now it's time to meet old friends once again.
Release MeRated PG.  Spock has been found alive and Christine must go to him.
Shattered GlassRated PG.  It is a painful day for McCoy as he leaves his wife.
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