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The "Rec Room Tales" Series
Bosom BuddiesRated PG.  McCoy gets taken to task for occasionally being a little too handy with Christine.
The Devil Went Down to GeorgiaRated PG.  McCoy is sick and tired of Spock stealing his glory during his tale-telling in the rec room, so he challenges the Vulcan to a unique contest.
The Great DebateRated G.  Spock's Vulcan and Human halves have a little tete-a-tete.
Ugly Ducklings.   Rated G.  Christine and Uhura are not feeling very attractive at the moment ... especially when compared with the stunningly beautiful Lt.  Carolyn Palamas.
Stand Alone Stories
Amanda's EscapeRated PG.  Amanda is in desperate need of a vacation and she plans the perfect weekend getaway with the girls.  Too bad Sarek is vacationing there as well.
Bar's OpenRated PG. It is the night following the battle at Mutara and Spock's death. Christine finds herself in charge of sick bay, dealing with everyone's pain but her own.
Christine CubedRated PG13.  When Rojan and the other Kelvans turned nearly everyone on board into cubes, Spock had a wicked idea.
Christine's LamentRated PG.  Christine has a bone to pick with the crew ... and expresses it in a very unique way.
Christmas CrackersRated PG.  Twas the night before Christmas and all through the ship, everyone is giving the computer their last minute gift lists. Can you guess what Spock wished for?
Cold Hard RealityRated G.  It's taken a long time for Spock to figure out that he loves Christine ... maybe a little too long.
Drinks on the HouseRated PG13.  Spock is tending bar and what Christine orders isn't exactly a Shirley Temple...
The Erotic Dreams of Mr. SpockRated PG13.  Spock is having some very strange ... and stimulating ... dreams. And they don't seem to be his exactly.
Feet of ClayRated NC17.  Roger Korby's mother has left her house to Christine in her will. There, while going through Mrs. Korby's things, the nurse makes a discovery that rocks her world.
Heart of StoneRated PG13. The sequel to "Feet of Clay."  Christine has returned to the ship, renewed and with a shocking new hair color.  She has a new attitude, as well, as Spock soon finds out.
Here She Goes With the Soup AgainRated PG. Christine loves to cook and Spock is the unwitting recipient of that love.
The In CrowdRated PG. There is a secret society aboard the Enterprise and two new potential members want to join.
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausRated PG. Spock has the strangest memory from his early childhood ... of his mother and jolly bearded man in red.
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... Rated PG. Spock and Christine are stranded in a remote cabin during a violent thunderstorm.  They spend the evening in a most unusual way.
Night and DayRated PG. The Enterprise is back in home port for the final time and there is a big party for the crew, past and present. Commander Chapel has received news that she is eager to share, but Junior Ambassador Spock has something he needs to tell her, too.
(Not So) Great ExpectationsRated G. Spock has come to court Christine ... but he can't seem to do anything right.
Open Door PolicyRated PG. Kirk has just learned from his ex-lover Carol Marcus that she has borne his son ... and now he's been ordered by her to stay out of their lives.
Open Door Policy II:  Two FacesRated PG. Kirk is missing Miramanee ... and Spock discovers that there is someone 'missing' from his life as well.
Open Door Policy III: Command DecisionRated PG. Janice Rand has become disenchanted with just being a secretary. She wants more out of her career and Spock might be the one to help her.
Polished GraniteRated G. Spock is leaving Vulcan and returning to his ship following the aborted attempt at Kohlinar.  There's one thing, though, he needs to do first.
Queen for a DayRated PG. Spock has been pegged to choose the winner in the annual beauty contest.  Now he has 183 beautiful, talented women all vying for his attention.
Rounding ThirdRated G. Winning the tickets to the baseball game seemed like a great bonus to Kirk ... until his diverse group made him see things differently.
Secret SantaRated G. Spock has drawn McCoy's name in the ship's holiday gift exchange and, other than a bottle of bourbon, he can't think of a thing to give him.
Shaken Not StirredRated PG. Spock asked Christine to do exactly what he tells her to do and she agrees ... then finds out why.
Sitting up with the DeadRated PG. Spock is asked to identify bodies following a terrorist attack. One is a person he never expected to see in a situation like this.
StargazersRated PG. It's the Dating Game ... Star Trek style.
Still WatersRated PG. Spock accidentally picks up Christine's data padd and reads what she has been writing.  And what he reads is enough to make a Vulcan blush!
Strangers in the NightRated PG. An AU story.  Spock observes a wedding party on a balcony across a courtyard from him ... and then notices that the lonely lady standing there is observing him.
Suffer the Death of Thy BrotherRated PG. Christine's younger brother has died in an accident ... and it's not Spock she turns to for comfort.
Technical ManualsRated NC17. The rest of the crew has shore leave, but Christine decides to stay on board and go over some technical manuals.  Spock decides to help her.
T'hylaRated PG. It means friend, lover, brother.  Spock has something he needs to tell all of these...
Wanted MenRated PG. Kirk and Spock get called on the carpet by Admiral Komack. It seems like both of them have been fraternizing a little too much with the native women whenever they're on a landing party and now they'll have to pay.  Literally.
Where My Heart Is... Rated G. Spock finds himself in a magical place and all his friends are there. Is this truly the Final Frontier?
The "Interludes" Series
How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You? Rated G. It's been two weeks since the Psi 2000 incident, and Christine has been summoned to her performance review by the First Officer.
Cheek to CheekRated PG. Spock has suffered an embarrassing accident ... and the only one on duty in sickbay who can treat it is Christine Chapel.
The Man That Got AwayRated G. Christine is grieving following the discovery on Exo III that her fiance, Roger Korby, is dead.  She receives comfort from a surprising person.
If Only In My DreamsRated G. Not long after Exo III, Christine pitches in to help with the annual shipwide Christmas party ... and finds that her heart can still find love.
The Very Thought of YouRated PG13. Christine has developed a good working relationship with Spock, but an unexpected erotic dream shatters all that.
I Was Blind But Now I See... Rated G. Spock is very glad to recover his sight following his blindness at Deneva ... but he loses something very precious in the process.
I Have Dreamed.... Rated PG. With pon farr wracking his body, Spock tries to sleep ... and has a most fascinating dream.
Mamma MiaRated PG. The Vulcan ambassador and his wife have come on board, and Christine is shocked to learn they are Spock's parents.  She decides to do some checking.
Head GamesRated PG. Amanda is furious when she learns about Sarek's heart condition, but then she finds out why he came out of retirement to take the Babel mission.
Blood Is Much Thicker Than WaterRated G. The night following Sarek's heart surgery, Amanda watches her husband and her son sleep ... and she also watches the tall blonde nurse on duty in sickbay.
Jezebel. Rated PG. Spock feels uncomfortable that the Romulan commander has been treated with such discourtesy, so he asks a favor of Christine.
Separate Lives. Rated PG. A month after sharing consciousness with Christine during the possession by Henoch, Spock finds that he is feeling somehow empty ... and he discovers that Christine is feeling the same way.
I'm SorryRated G. Following the death of Ensign Rizzo on Argus X by the cloud vampire, Christine writes a sympathy letter to Rizzo's family.
If I Didn't Care. Rated PG. As Spock tries desperately to decipher the symbols found on the obelisk of the American Indian planet, Christine makes sure he doesn't neglect himself.
Once I Had a Secret Love. Rated PG. Spock believes it is Christine's fault that she was brought down to "perform" before the Platonians, then he learns something that shakes him to the core.
Heartbreak Hotel. Rated PG. Spock and McCoy are stuck in the turbolift.  While waiting for maintenance to free them, there is nothing for them to do but talk.
The "First Glance" Series
First GlanceRated G. Spock has come to Earth to return Number One's personal effects to her sister ... Christine Chapel.
Out of the BlueRated G. Roger Korby has disappeared into deep space and Christine needs help in her search for hm. Then she remembers the Vulcan she'd met years earlier.
If Walls Could TalkRated G. Newly arrived on the Enterprise, Christine settles in and finds a surprising friend in the Vulcan first officer.
"A Vulcan Monologue" Sequels
Note: These two stories were written in as responses to "A Vulcan Monologue" by Bonnie Guyan, which appeared in a fanzine in 1978.  In this story, Spock is stranded on a frozen asteroid and is dying. He dictates his last logs and finally admits that he does, indeed, love Christine Chapel.  As he is slipping into unconsciousness, he is rescued...
Untold SecretsRated PG. Christine Chapel has departed the Enterprise at Delta in order to pursue her dream of becoming a medical doctor. Spock, who missed saying goodbye, has become strangely despondent as a result.
Mixed MessagesRated R. Christine has started a new chapter of her life on Delta, as a doctor and with her roommate Ilia and Ilia's charming brother.  What a time for Spock to show up!
The "A Fine Romance" Series
A Fine RomanceRated G. Spock needs a date to a mandatory dance marking the graduation ceremonies of Starfleet Academy ... and a certain nurse just happens to be available.
The Gay Divorce'Rated PG. Sequel to "A Fine Romance."  Just divorced from T'Pring, Spock  must attend the diplomatic functions on Altair VI ... and finds out how Altair Water affects Vulcans.
The "Inspiration Point" Series
I Started a JokeRated PG13. McCoy tells Spock of a quiet place where he might meditate.  It's called "Inspiration Point."  Oh, and he suggests to Christine that she might like the same place to relax.
Lover's ReturnRated PG13. It's been eight years since Christine saw Spock and she's happily gotten on with her life.  Then a chance meeting changes everything.
Desperado. Rated PG. Christine still hasn't given Spock an answer to his proposal of marriage ... and she's trying just as hard as she can to avoid doing so.
Alone Together. Rated R. Married at last, Spock and Christine look forward to their wedding night at their honeymoon cottage ... and then their friends and family begin the shivaree!
Inspiration Point. Rated NC17. As they begin their married life together, Spock presents Christine with a stunning wedding present -- a beautiful Victorian mansion with the perfect name -- Inspiration Point.
The Honeymooners. Rated R. Settled into their home at Inspiration Point, Christine happily goes back to her work as a research biologist, but Spock is restless and dissatisfied with his position as junior Vulcan ambassador and distraught over James Kirk's death..  Then a young boy comes into his life.
Dear Companions. Rated PG. It's the Fourth of July and time for friends to gather. Spock and Christine invite the ones they love to join them at Inspiration Point for a cookout, not knowing that before the night is out, two more people will make an appearance there!
The Roommates Series
T'Kuht at one time wrote a series of stories in which, following the end of the 5-year-mission, the crew scatters and Christine, Uhura and Janice rent a beachside house. On his infrequent visits to Earth, Spock needs a place to stay and the ladies offer to let him use their spare room. These two stories continue in that venue.
I've Got Your Love to Keep Me Warm. Rated PG. Christine cuts herself badly and Spock rushes her to the ER.  She's severed an artery, however, and neither one knows if they'll make it to the hospital before she bleeds to death.
An Old Fashioned Walk. Rated PG. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, Spock and Christine go for a walk along the beach and begin to discuss someone who was important to both of them.
Hope Chest.   A hope chest is supposed to hold a woman's hopes and dreams.
Kholinar Soliloquy.
Mother, by Cadet Spock. Cadet Spock is feeling a bit homesick and he writes this poem for Amanda.
Ode to the Tortured Heart..
Story Challenges
Box of Shattered DreamsRated PG13.  A story challenge based on the poem "Hope Chest" above.
Chocolate Sauce ChallengeRated PG13.  A looney challenge that must include various phrases, including "chocolate sauce."
Deputy Spock and Miss ChristineRated G. A story challenge in which a scene must feature Spock and Christine but be written in the style of another TV couple.
The Purple HeartRated G. Those little candy Valentine hearts really get around, don't they?
Santa's Little HelperRated PG. Admiral Kirk has something special in store for Spock ... the Vulcan must play the part of the "jolly old elf."
Time CapsuleRated PG13.  A sequel to "Box of Shattered Dreams."  After Spock's death at Mutara, Christine receives a mysterious delivery.
When in RomeRated G. The answer to a story challenge about the fact revealed in "Enterprise" that Vulcans do not touch their food with their hands...
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