The Stories of
The "After the Credits" Series
The Man Trap. Rated PG.  McCoy is having a very hard time with his grief for Nancy Crater, so Spock decides to help him the Vulcan way.
Balance of TerrorRated PG.  Spock is more startled than he cares to admit at the first sight ever of the Romulans.
The Naked TimeRated PG.  Following the Psi 2000 virus, McCoy notes that the crew is acting strangely ... and two members in particular have caught his attention.
The Enemy WithinRated PG.  Spock's remark to Janice Rand was over the line ... and Kirk calls him on it immediately.
What Are Little Girlsl Made Of?Rated PG.  "Have you ever been engaged, Mr. Spock?" asked Christine.  Oh, yes...
Dagger of the Mind..  Rated PG.  Spock is having guilty feelings about  Dr. Adams' death.
The Menagerie -- "Wet Dreams".Rated PG.  McCoy finds something disturbing in Spock's latest medical exam.
The Galileo Seven. .  Rated PG.  Spock is recovering from the disastrous mission that cost him two crewmen, and he finds that his broken leg is not the only thing causing him pain.
Arena. .  Rated PG.  Kirk isn't aware that his battle with the Gorn was seen by everyone on the ship.
Shore Leave -- Acting Out Fantasies. . Rated G. Spock takes advantage of the Shore Leave Planet to resolve some old grievances.
Shore Leave -- Acting Out Fantasies -- Epilogue. . Rated G. Spock isn't the only one using the Shore Leave Planet's facilities.
Tomorrow is Yesterday. .  Rated PG.  The  Enterprise is back in her own time and space, but Spock seems very disturbed by their inadvertant journey back in time.
A Taste of Armageddon. . Rated G. A colleague of Sarek's comes aboard the ship ... and gets a little too familiar with Spock.
The Devil in the Dark -- "A Piece of My Mind" Rated G. While meditating, Spock's mind is contacted by an old friend -- the mother horta.
The Devil in the Dark -- "Care and Feeding of Hortae" Rated PG. A young Horta has been sent to another planet, but Spock discovers it's desperately unhappy.
Errand of Mercy. .  Rated PG.  What the Klingons did to Spock with the Mind Sifter does not bear recalling ... but Spock can't forget it.
The Alternative Factor. .  Rated PG.  The universe has been saved, but at the cost of the two Lazaruses.  Kirk, Spock and McCoy all find that this fact is preying on their minds.
City on the Edge of ForeverRated PG.  Kirk, Spock and McCoy have returned to the present and time has resumed its shape. But that doesn't make the pain go away...
Operation -- Annihilate!   Rated PG.  Spock's eyes are taking some time to recover from blindness, and people are definitely getting the wrong idea!
The Apple. -- "Mother Knows Best".   Rated PG.  Spock's had a bad day and a call from his mother gives him an opportunity to talk about it.
The Deadly Years.   Rated PG.  Spock awaits his turn at the antidote to the aging disease ... and he's getting more and more restless and emotional.
Wolf in the Fold.   Rated G.  Kirk and Spock have a dilemma after the entire crew is immunized against the deadly entity of Argelius -- everyone is too drunk to operate the galley machines.  Someone has to feed this bunch!
Journey to Babel -- Father and SonRated PG.  Spock is having a hard time recovering from the blood volumizer and Sarek goes to comfort him.
Journey to Babel -- Security RiskRated PG.  Spock desperately wants to mind meld with his father, but Sarek will not comply.
A Private Little War:  Call to DutyRated PG. What happened to Spock after the near fatal gunshot?
The Immunity Syndrome.   Rated PG.  The expedition into the giant space amoeba has nearly drained the life from Spock, but McCoy will not let his friend die without a fight.
Obsession.   Rated PG.  The cloud creature has been destroyed but Kirk still has to face McCoy's medical log.
Return to Tomorrow/Errand of Mercy. Rated PG13. Christine has been raped by Henoch. Spock confides that he can understand only too well.
The Omega Glory.   Rated PG.   Spock has nearly died and, once he recovers, he finds that he is reevaluating his life.  And he finds one major regret ... that he never married Leila Kalomi when he had the chance.
By Any Oher Name -- Drunk in the Line of Duty.   Rated PG.   It took a lot for Scotty to drink the Kelvan under the table but he did it ... and McCoy thinks he should be awarded a medal!
Spock's Brain.   Rated PG.   It's April Fool's Day and have Kirk, McCoy and Scotty got a good one to play on Spock.  There was this gorgeous but dumb woman who beamed aboard and stole his brain, see...
The Enterprise Incident -- Bridle Dreams.   Rated PG.   (Implied K/S)  Spock is having some very strange dreams about a horse who seems oddly familiar.
The Paradise Syndrome.   Rated PG.   Miramanee is dead and it is time to honor the funeral rites of her tribe.
Day of the Dove.   Rated PG.   Montgomery Scott deeply regrets the things he said to Spock and he wants to apologize.  But first he needs a wee bit o' courage.
The Way to EdenRated PG.   The young rebels in search of Eden remind Spock of his brother, Sybok, and his search for Sha ka Ree.
Is There in Truth No Beauty? Rated PG.   Spock is traumatized by his experience with the Medusan ambassador.  Can he overcome it?
Spectre of the Gun Rated PG.   Spock reflects on the things he learned during his mind melds with Kirk, McCoy and Scott.
Elaan of Troyius -- What If? Rated PG.   Duty is a powerful thing. Spock wonders what would have happened if he had obeyed his duty and stayed on Vulcan?
Let That Be Your Last BattlefieldRated PG.   Spock has a sudden revelation regarding the hostile aliens Bele and Lokai.
The Tholian Web.   Rated PG.   Kirk is safe back on board and recovering from his exposure to interspace, but Spock won't leave his side.
Wink of an Eye.   Rated PG.   Kirk reflects on making love to Deela and finds that he fervently hopes that their encounter does not result in a pregnancy.
All Our YesterdaysRated PG.   It was incredibly cold on Sarpeidon and Spock comes back with pneumonia.
The Wrath of Khan/Return to TomorrowRated PG.  The news of Spock's death causes Christine to pack her bags and head for Vulcan to be with Amanda.
The "Daycare" Series
Kidnapped! Rated PG. An unusual and disturbing chapter in this series leaves little Spock with nightmares and trauma that he's way too young to face.
Show and TellRated G. Everyone has brought their favorite musical instrument to show and tell, but little Spock's Vulcan lyre is locked up in his father's office.
A Time of ChangeRated G. Jimmy Kirk has to say goodbye.  His father has disappeared and his mother is moving the family to Tarsus IV in order to search for him.
The Bestest Friends in All the GalaxyRated G. Little Spock has a terrible secret that the other kids don't know -- but they're about to find out.
I Want Him to Be My T'Hyla.   Rated G. Little Spock wants little Jimmy to be more than just a friend.  He wants him to be his brother and the person he's closest to.
The Mother's Day Project.   Rated G. Mother's Day is coming up and Little Spock wants to do sometime extra, extra, extra special for his Mommy.
The Father's Day Project.   Rated G. Vulcans don't celebrate Father's Day, but little Spock has made something just for hisDaddy.
Career Day.   Rated G.   Everyone has a parent coming to Career Day except Jimmy Kirk.  His dad is in Starfleet ... and he's away on a space mission.
Open House.   Rated G.   Little Spock and Amanda meet other parents at open house, but the most fascinating is Uhura's beautiful, exotic mother.
Time Out!.   Rated G.   Little Spock and Lenny McCoy get into big trouble.  But they fear it's nothing to what's going to happen when they get home.
The New Girl.   Rated G.   There's a new girl at the day care and both Chrissy and Nyota are dazzled by her blonde beauty!
Doll Fight! Rated G.   The girls are bringing their new Power Princess dolls for show and tell, but what happens when Jan and Chrissy show up with the same ones?
Rivals.   Rated G.   Both Jimmy and Lenny want to be Spockie's best friend and they all ultimately get into trouble.
The Field Trip Disaster.   Rated G.   Jimmy and Lenny's rivalry leads to unexpected consequences during an outing for the day care kids.
The USS Daycarer.   Rated G.   Jimmy's dad brings him a miniature Starfleet uniform and all the kids decide to dress up.  But Spock's dad has a problem with that.
Green Weenies.   Rated G.   The kids go on a picnic but Spockie has never heard of weenies. Lenny's explanation horrifies him!
The "Erato" Series
Another StorytellerRated PG.  Spock wants his story told correctly ... and all those fan-based myths about him cleared up.
The Wrath of MomRated PG.  Amanda drops in and is shocked -- SHOCKED -- at what she finds!
Christine's TurnRated PG.  Next up to visit is a certain nurse ... and she'd positively giddy.
The StampedeRated PG.  What happens when everyone shows up?
The "Angels of the Epidemic" Series
Angels of the EpidemicRated PG.  Folks returning from shore leave have brought a little dividend with them ... and now it's spreading throughout the ship.
AftermathRated PG.  Uhura receives a message that explains who's behind the disease they've all recently contracted..
Fallen AngelRated PG13.  Christine finally succumbs ... and Spock volunteers to help with her treatment and recovery.
Film at ElevenRated PG13.  Spock realizes that the ship's security cameras caught them all in their naked delirium ... including Christine AND HIMSELF.
Avenging AngelsRated PG.  Spock's futile attempts to eradicate the security tapes lead to some unexpected consequences.
The "Treasured Memories" Series
Teething on RocksRated G. Baby Spock is being presented to the Clan, but all he wants to do is soothe his aching little mouth.
By the SeaRated G. It's Spock's first trip to Earth and Amanda takes her little son to the beach to show him the treasures the ocean has left just for him.
The Lesson BoxRated G. Sarek decides that Spock is old enough to begin learning Vulcan ways ... and the first is how to control one's emotions.
The EarRated G. Ee-Chaya, Spock's beloved pet sehlat, has died saving Spock's life.  Now 7 year old Spock must learn about grieving, letting go, and remembering.
Birds of ConsolationRated G. Someone very close to Spock will never be part of his life again, and Spock isn't taking it well.
The Outcast. Rated G. It's Spock's first week at Starfleet Academy ... and the culture shock is greater than he had anticipated.
Father Figure. Rated G. Christopher Pike has been like a father to young Spock but now he's leaving for a new assignment.  Can Spock adjust to the new man -- James Kirk?
Cave In! Rated G. The first voyage with Kirk as captain ends in near disaster.  But Spock has begun to like this new commander of the Enterprise.
I Was HappyRated G. Spock has decided that he truly loves Leila Kalomi and wants to marry her. The only problem -- he's already betrothed ... and he needs his father's permission to break the bond.
Dear ValentineRated G. Spock re-evaluates his relationship with Christine Chapel after his divorce from T'Pring and loss of Leila.  But Christine doesn't exactly welcome being the back-up plan.
Spock's TreasuresRated PG. After Spock's death, it falls to Kirk to go through his belongings ... and there he finds something very special.
The Treasured BoxRated PG. The sequel to "Spock's Treasures."  Kirk has taken the box back home with him, but Sarek wants it back.
The "New Bride" Series
Journey to Babel -- Last of the LineRated PG.  Spock is feeling insecure about his future and whether he will live to marry and father children. 
Spock is an Idiot! Rated PG.  Sarek and Amanda think they've found the perfect match for their son ... even if Spock is too big an idiot to see what's right in front of his face.
Stumbling Block.   Rated PG13. Spock's courtship of Christine has hit a major roadblock -- the encounter with Henoch and what he did to Christine.
Standalone Stories
All My HopesRated PG.  Spock's body has been brought back to Vulcan for the fal-tor-pann.  And Uhura is waiting...
An Angel in My ArmsRated PG.  Sarek awakes from his heart surgery to find an angel bending over him -- Amanda.
Blood OathRated PG.  Amanda is too ill to care for little Spock while Sarek attends a diplomatic function, so Sarek is forced to take the toddler with him.
Buh-ByeRated G.  Amanda is packing eagerly because she is taking baby Spock back to Earth for the first time.  But she finds out that little pitchers have big ears sometimes.
CatalystRated PG.  Following the fal-tor-pan, Spock's re-education seems to be going well, until he suddenly collapses and seems to suffer a nervous breakdown.  Can his friends find the reason why before it's too late?
The Day Spock Learned to DanceRated G.  Little Spock is mesmerized by the dancing children at the function his parents are attending ... and he decides to give it a try himself.
Go AwayRated PG.  Young T'Pring is having a hard time adjusting to her knew bond with her intended mate, and Spock is feeling the same way.
*HIC*Rated PG.  Spock has a bad case of the hiccups ... and in a Vulcan that can be very serious.
I Call You FriendRated PG.  Following Platonius, Spock and Christine come to a new level in their relationship.
I Have Something of YoursRated PG.  Nomad has wiped Uhura's mind, but Spock thinks he can restore her memories.  There's just one catch ... such a mind meld will bond them as mates.
I Met a Girl TodayRated G. Spock's young half-brother has suddenly discovered what it's like to be in love.
IntegrationRated PG.  On Excalbia, Spock comes face to face with Surak ... and he has a lot of questions to ask the Father of Vulcan Logic.
IntentRated PG.  Spock looks back over his life at all the relationships that have ended and presents his case to the Masters of Gol.
It Was Only Logical. Rated PG.  Spock is having trouble composing the lyrics to a song, and he asks Uhura to help him out.
Journey of Minds.   Rated PG.  Spock is dead and those who knew him are having a hard time dealing with it.
Love Can Move Mountains.   Rated PG.  Following the crash of their shuttlecraft, both Spock and Uhura are in a coma ... and they're slipping away.
My Child.   Rated PG.  Sarek and Amanda have decided to try to have a baby, and Amanda starts a journal detailing the long and rocky road on the journey.
My Little Leprecaun.   Rated G. It's St. Patrick's Day on Earth and Amanda introduces her little son to another being with pointed ears.
My Son. Rated PG.  Sarek begins a correspondence with his son, and ultimately reveals a crisis unfolding in Spock's life.
Nary a Lick of TribbleRated PG13.  Spock finds one little tribble that they missed while cleaning the ship and, unexpectedly, he also discovers a very unique use for it.
NightmareRated PG13.  The effects of the kironide are taking a long time to work their way out of Spock's system, and he is having nightmares that are rooted squarely in what happened on Platonius.
Noises Off!Rated PG. A companion piece to "Go Away".  Young Spock is absolutely miserable following his bonding to T'Pring ... and Amanda is extremely concerned that she and Sarek have made a mistake.
RevisionsRated PG.  Something is very, very wrong here.  The ship, the crew and the very universe seem to keep changing everytime Spock turns around.
Seeds of Virtue, Seeds of ViceRated PG.  We carry many things within us -- hate, jealousy, anger, but also love, forgiveness and joy.
A Sight for Sore EyesRated PG.  The parasitic Denevan creature has been destroyed, but at a terrible price.  Spock is blind and he doesn't know what sort of future a sightless First Officer has.
Son of TribbleRated PG.  Sequel to "Nary a Lick of Tribble."  Spock is sick and his little tribble friends come to his aid in a surprising way.
The Song of Two BrothersRated G.  The link between brothers is strong ... and Sybok knows when he's lost his brother forever.
Spock and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad DayRated PG. Ever have one of those days when it just doesn't pay to get out of bed?
Spock's SecretsRated PG. Christine notices that Spock virtually disappears on his days off and mentions it to McCoy.  That gets the doctor curious and soon it becomes a game of hide and seek to find just exactly where Spock goes and what he's doing!
Stranger Than Fan FictionRated PG. The Enterprise is plagued by a strange, disembodied voice that seems to be guiding their destiny.
Time to Say Goodbye Suite #5 -- Wonder of WondersRated PG.  Following the fal-tor-pan, Spock is trying desperately to recover memories of his mother and father.
Mail CallRated PG. There's a postal strike going on and not everyone on the Enterprise gets their mail.
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