Southern Enclave
What's Southern Enclave?  From 1984 until 2000, SE was a long-running and award-winning letterzine dedicated to all things Star Wars.  It was published as a place where SW fans could meet and discuss their favorite movies in a time before there was an Internet.

Fifty-four issues of SE were published and are long out of print.  In 2000,  I decided it was time to end the print zine and go online. The
Southern Enclave mailing list was established on Yahoo! Groups and continues going strong, although over the years SW as a topic has moved to the background.  Nowadays it's simply a chatlist where the people who grew to be friends during the letterzine years still maintain contact.

The old issues of SE are now being scanned into .PDF format and posted here.  Some are missing from my collection and will be added as I relocate them.  Also, I apologize that some of the pages scanned in crooked.  Blame the old print format and my only slightly younger scanner!  This problem will be remedied as soon as possible.

Please be aware that the opinions and views expressed by the writers were their own and may or may not reflect their opinions today.  Also realize that many of the original writers are now deceased and that others have moved on and have no interest in rehashing old arguments.  Please respect their privacy.

If you would like to join the
Southern Enclave chatlist, email me at and I will send you an official invitation to join.  Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the controversies and passions of the Golden Age of Star Wars Fandom!
The Southern Enclave Archive
Cheree Cargill
Editor, Southern Enclave