The Stories of
Joanne K. Seward
A Bird in the Hand, a Bird in the BushRated PG. Kirk is teaching a seminar on the Prime Directive ... he just can't get a handle on how to get his point across to the students.
The Captain's HolidayRated PG. Kirk is filling in for another officer at a quiet, extremely quiet starbase. If only SOMETHING would happen...
Cultural ConditioningRated PG. Kirk is captivated by the new Vulcan scientist who has come aboard.  Not only does she exhibit a form of albinism that gives her platinum hair and green eyes, which only adds to her exotic beauty, but she positively radiates an attraction that Kirk cannot resist ... despite Spock's repeated warnings to give the scientist a wide berth!
A Different Kind of ParadiseRated PG. Kirk is grieving for Miramanee ... and the crew is suffering along with him.
DoldrumsRated PG. The ship has been on cargo run for weeks now and the boredom is driving people batty, including the Captain!  Kirk has to figure out something to get his crew out of the doldrums!
Final Legacy. Rated PG. James Kirk is dying ... but there are a few things he wants to say and do first.
If There Be UnicornsRated PG.   The beautiful creatures that look like unicorms seem peaceful, until one of them attacks and nearly kills Spock, that is.  Just before he loses consciousness, Spock tries to tell Kirk something very important ... but never completes his words, and Kirk knows he's in for trouble.
InterludeRated PG. The ship is in port and the crew is on leave.  Kirk wanders his nearly abandoned ship, feeling curiously abandoned.
Learn to LoveRated PG. James Kirk is dead and now his grieving crew must endure the seemingly endless Starfleet funeral.  McCoy is especially worried about Spock.
A Little More TimeRated PG. Kirk cannot get over the loss of Edith Keeler.  And then something absolutely remarkable happens...
A Logical Reaction. Rated R. The fal-tor-pan has been a succes, but Sarek comes home in a very agitated state.
A Logical Thing. Rated PG. Uhura's new ballet class draws Spock in to study this ancient form of Earth dance. And she thinks he would be perfect for a pas de deux she's planning.
Matters for Discussion   Rated PG13. (Mild K/S)  Kirk had been gravely injured and, as he recovers, Spock reflects back to a time between them that disturbs him immensely.
Nary a Peep. Rated PG. It's been a grueling for days and Spock is exhausted and starving.  What he finds in Christine's cabin makes him tempt fate.
One Nerve Left. Rated PG. Discipline on the ship has been a bit lax of late ... and Kirk's getting darned tired of it.
Snafu. Rated PG. Can things go any more wrong on this landing party?  Oh, yeah ... and Kirk's about to find out just how much.
The Voice of Time. Rated PG. While helping out on an archaeological dig, Kirk seems to have unnatural knowledge of a queen, dead and long buried ... and he becomes strangely obsessed with finding her.
Welcome to the Real WorldRated PG. Kirk never realized just how much beaurocratic red tape was snipped for him by Starfleet.  But he's about to learn!
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