The Stories of
Selek and T'Lea
Amanda's RulesRated NC-17.  By Selek and T'Lea. Note: Contains mild BDSM.  Amanda lays down the law to Sarek in a most unusual way.
Christmas in ShiKahrRated NC-17.  By T'Lea.  Amanda has a very special Christmas present for Sarek.
Contempt of CouncilRated NC-17.  By Selek.  Set between ST3 and ST4, Sarek gets into trouble when he refuses to reveal the whereabouts of Kirk and the Enterprise.
First Encounter With an EarthwomanRated PG. By T'Lea.  Sarek, the new ambassador to Earth, meets an outspoken, opinionated Earthwoman on his first day on the job ... and can't get her out of his mind.
The First YearRated NC-17.  By Selek and T'Lea.  Their first anniversary is coming up and Sarek searches for the perfect gift for his Human wife. Then he steps into a little boutique and finds some very interesting ideas.
Gardening by NightRated PG.  By T'Lea.  How can you mourn for someone when the person you've lost remains a constant in your life?
It's All RelativeRated NC-17.  By Selek, Saidicam and T'Lea. Sarek just can't seem to seal the negotiations with a hide-bound patriarchal race ... that is until his wife and her parents get involved.
The MatriarchyRated NC-17.  By Selek .  Note: Contains mild BDSM and non-consensual sex. Sarek and Amanda are sent on a mission to Carbola, where Sarek finds out the hard way that not every culture treats men and women the same.
ReminiscingRated NC-17.  By Selek .  Sarek and Amanda recall their first time together.
Sarek's Flitter. Rated G. By Selek .  Sarek had hand-built the flitter in his youth and it was his pride and joy.  No one was allowed to touch it.  Absolutely NO ONE!
Spock's Super Bowl Party. Rated G. By T'Lea.  Spock hosts the gang for the big game ... and finds out why his mother advised him to stock up on the beer and tortilla chips.
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The Logical Choice. Rated G. By Elise.  T'Pau is pressuring Sarek to take a wife and is supplying him with candidates.  None quite seem to measure up to the young Human woman he has met...
It Isn't Logical. Rated G. By Elise.  The sequel to "The Logical Choice."  Sarek has chosen the woman he wants to marry and he's got the whole wedding planned out.  There's just one little thing he's forgotten...
Who is There? By P. M. Futcher.  A little poem about a certain Scot.
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