The Stories of
L. P. Santos
Stand Alone Stories
Broken PromisesRated NC17.  Spock learns that, while Henoch had control of his body, he had raped Christine who had soon found herself pregnant and left Starfleet.  He tracks her and her son to San Francisco, and there they have a very special reunion.
Home AgainRated PG.  Christine's son thought his father was dead ... that is, until a Klingon bird of prey crashed into San Francisco Bay, bringing whales from the past.
SoliloquyRated PG.  Spock and Christine's son is a very troubled boy ... possibly because his mother never wanted him to begin with.
Unfinished BusinessRated PG13Spock is having trouble getting the long, limp thing in his hand to straighten up. Maybe Christine can help...
The Romulan Stories
An Endless PeaceRated R. Tal and his former commander are now married and enjoying their son.  However, they conceal a terrible secret about the boy that could get them all killed.
Perchance to DreamRated PG. Tal's son is not the typical Romulan and he is having trouble fitting in with the other boys.
Romulan ExecutionRated R. On an undercover mission for the Federation, Spock is captured by Romulans and turned over to an old acquaintance ... who intends to carryout the execution that was thwarted years before.
A World Without WallsRated R. Tal had been raised by an unusually progressive and far-thinking father. But he finds his beliefs challenged when his commander and lover reveals something that shakes his world.
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