The Stories of
Juanita Salicrup
A Bridge of Crystal and LightRated PG13.  Kirk is felled by a mysterious illness.  Can the medical team save him before it's too late?
CrossroadsRated PG13.  Spock is badly injured in a shipboard accident and McCoy sends him home to Vulcan to recover.  He assigns Christine Chapel to go with him.  During the month at his parents' home, Spock has time to think about his life ... and Christine's place in it.
A Dealer in Kivas and TriliumRated PG13.  Spock is introduced to the Klingon Mind Sifter ... and he has no idea how bad it will really get.
Gift of the Masters of TimeRated PG.  Spock has outlived most of his friends and now he is being given an extraordinary gift ... the ability to go back and change one thing he regrets from his long life.
A Grief Well EndedRated PG13.  It is time for Spock and Christine to bond ... but Christine has some questions she needs answered first.
Gracious Dews of SolaceRated NC17.  (Mild K/S)  Following a traumatic abduction and rescue, Spock has serious doubts about his sexualty and, on Argellius, he sets out to find out once and for all.  And that's where Uhura comes in.
The Ninth Circle. Rated PG13.  Spock has been blinded by the procedure to kill the parasite of Deneva. Now he must come to terms with the fact that his life has changed forever.
Christine's Challenge.   The gulf between Spock and Christine is of their own making ... and Christine is determined to bridge it.
Conundrum.   What is the strange dream Spock has about Zarabeth?
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