The Stories of
The AdeptRated R.  Amanda is excited about studying with the Masters at Mount Seleya, but Sarek is terrified that she will leave him to undergo Kohlinar ... just as his first wife, T'Rea, did many years before.
A Christmas SurpriseRated G.  By T'Lea, Saidicam, and Selek.  Eight-year-old Spock spends his first Christmas on Earth with his Human grandparents, and it is a wonderous surprise indeed!
In My DreamsRated NC17.  By Saidicam and T'Lea.  Following the emergency surgery on his father and apparently as a result of the experimental blood medication he received, Spock is having the strangest and most erotic dreams he's ever experienced.
Kali-i-Farr'Terau (Matchmaker)Rated NC17.   Sarek's first wife T'Rea is dying, but before she gives up her hold on life, she's determined that Sarek have a new mate and their son Sybok have a new mother.
My Other MotherRated PG13. A darkside AU story.  On an unannounced visit home, Spock walks in on Amanda ... and learns something about his mother that chills him to the bone!
QuickieRated NC17. Sarek is in the early stages of pon farr, but urgent business can't wait. Amanda drops by his office to introduce him to an old Earth custom.
Rain WarpRated PG13. Amanda invites the new Vulcan ambassador on a picnic, but of course the forecast of sunny weather was wrong.  Now, what do you do to warm up a wet Vulcan?
RegretsRated NC17. Amanda has been unable to bear an heir to the House of Surak and T'Pau demands Sarek divorce her and find a suitable Vulcan wife.  Knowing his duty, Sarek complies ... but can the two lovers stay apart?
Safe and SecureRated PG13. Sarek and Amanda get to know each other really, really well.
Spice of LifeRated PG13. By Saidicam and T'Lea.  Amanda has taken Sarek home to meet her parents for the first time.  Her father finds that he's having a real problem with the man his only daughter has picked to marry ... and Sarek is finding he's having a real problem keeping his hands off Amanda!
Time PortalRated PG13. The Klingons have discovered a time portal and have come up with a perfect way to disrupt history ... go back to the early 23rd Century and kill the new ambassador t Earth -- Sarek.
Under the MistletoeRated PG13. Amanda has taken Sarek and his assistant Soran home to meet the family at Christmas.  The two Vulcans aren't sure which it will be tougher to survive -- the snow or a Grayson family gathering.
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