The Stories of
Cheryl Rice
Diamonds and Rust
by Mandi Schultz and Cheryl Rice
Year of the Cat. Rated PG13. Lt. Chantal Caberfae comes aboard the Enterprise and the electricity between herself and Kirk is immediate.
Sea ChangeRated G. A vignette that fringes the D&R universe.  Kirk meets a mermaid and must make a decision.
No Special HurryRated G. Chantal is gone, disappeared on a mission for the Agency.  Kirk can't seem to accept it ... or the fact that Chantal's superior, Caidan, apparently knows where she is.
Night CreaturesRated R. An incident from Kirk's past literally haunts him -- his boyhood encounter with Kodos the Executioner.
Stand Alone Stories
After the Stars Are GoneRated PG13. Spock finds that he cannot forget Zarabeth ... but somewhere in the past, Zarabeth finds she cannot forget someone else entirely.
The Ancient FlameRated G. The conference led by the imminent Vulcan scientist was long and boring, but Kirk had begun to realize that Spock was paying attention with unusual intensity.
Beggars Would RideRated G. The rider had been waiting long years to come to the beautiful city. Now he had arrived and knew that his friends would be waiting for him there.
Fleurs du MalRated G. The strange natives of Bartell 4 are having an unusual effect on the men of the crew.  And Uhura finds that she's not immune either.
Gold Towards the GoldenRated PG. In a jump back through the Guardian of Forever to Ancient Greece, Kirk miscalculates ... and meets someone he hadn't expected.
Goodnight, You Moonlight LadiesRated PG. Young Jim Kirk is a rebel and determined to go his own way. Then a friend of his mother hands him a gift that will change his life.
Making PlansRated G.. The crew of the Enterprise has broken the Prime Directive by saving a group of humanoids from being the main course at a festival meal.  Now Starfleet has dealt their punishment while the Federation diplomats must pick up the pieces.
Momento MoriRated G.. Kirk has received word that Elaan is dead.  Somehow he feels that it's his fault ... but all the other women he's known and loved -- and who have died -- are determined to disabuse him of that notion.
Never Enough Dark. Rated G.. The Enterprise rescues over a thousand inhabitants of a doomed planet ... and the ship is wall-to-wall people.  Leave it to Spock to think of a solution no one else had thought of.
Night WineRated PG. Spock has taken Christopher Pike back to Talos and left him there where he might live out the rest of his life under the care of the Talosians. He has no idea...
A Star To Steer Her By. Rated G.. The M-5 computer had made Kirk obsolete and the captain retired to his cabin to lick his wounds. 
The Stars Go Down. Rated PG13. Mild K/S content. As they face certain death, Kirk and Spock use their last moments to express what they feel.
Sunflower. Rated G.. Kirk persuades Spock to come home with him on a visit to Iowa.  Spock's impression of Kirk's home state isn't entirely favorable.
To Rule in Hell. Rated PG13.. Marla McGivers had thrown her life away when she agreed to go with Khan into exile ... now she is paying for it.
Apres un Reve.  A lovely haiku.  You decide who it's about!
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