The Stories of
Sharron Powell
The "Reflections" Series
Reflections and GoodbyesRated PG.  Christine leaves for medical school and must say goodbye to the men in her life.
Reflections and VisitsRated PG.  During her studies at Starfleet Medical, Christine encounters Spock and his young ward, Saavik.
Reflections and Conversations. Rated G. Christine muses on the ultimate fate of Ilia and Will Decker. Set right after ST:TMP.
Reflections and Release. Rated PG. Christine experiences a multitude of emotions during the death, rebirth and return of Spock. Set during ST:II-IV.
Reflections and Beginnings. Rated PG. Christine is assigned to a mission opening negotiations with the Klingons.  Set right after ST:VI.
Reflections and Commitments. Rated PG13. Spock assigns Christine to an aid mission to the Klingons ... despite his feelings for her and despite the fact that the mission might prove fatal.
Stand Alone Stories
The Cave. Rated PG. Spock and Christine are trapped in a cave-in and running out of air.  Only a mind meld can save them until help arrives.
First Five Year Mission
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